Patchwork Baby Quilts Are Peachy Teachers

Colors are popping and animals are hopping all over these homemade baby quilts with patchwork designs.  

handmade baby quilts

But the cheerful menageries are a lot more than pretty faces. They also provide an opportunity for babies to learn.

 Not only can the cribsters get to know the names of all the animals, but the design, rendered in super-soft baby flannel, includes two matching patches of each creature, so playful match-the-patch games help develop other skills.


i spy quilt

 Sturdily made and artfully crafted, all baby quilts are machine-washable and dryer-safe. The multi-color scheme makes them equally appropriate for boys and girls. These baby quilts make peachy teachers.

 Learn more about these imaginative patchwork baby quilts, so you can be the one to start a love of learning in the little loved one in your life.

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