T-shirt Baby Quilts Look Cool in the Crib


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The t-shirts incorporated into handmade baby quilts will appeal to all little newcomers, so they are the ideal gifts for baby showers. And should the next child in the family be a different sex, the quilts can pass on with no problem.

Passability is a sure thing, because these cuddly-soft baby quilts are made to last. They are machine washable, dryer-safe, and machine-stitched with hand-sewn finishing for maximum durability.

When older brothers and sisters dressed in their own favorite tees come to visit their new brothers or sisters in their cribs, they’ll discover that the little ones with t-shirt baby quilts are just as cool as they are.

Moms strive to keep their babies healthy and happy. Now they can be comfy and fashion-forward with handmade baby quits.

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