I Spy Baby Quilts for Learning

I Spy baby quilts are SEW cuddly soft for babies. Did you know they are also wonderful for learning?

As a classroom teacher for 39 years, I believe that the joy of learning is a life-long venture that begins before a baby is born. A mom can sing, talk to her unborn child, and even eve take time to read aloud stories and poem for children.  Using I Spy baby quilts can continue to help the baby develop after they are born.

Once the baby is born the colors, sounds, and the many different touches that the baby experiences all add to the learning experiences. Baby quilts can add the color, design, and the sense of touch as you cradle your infant.

As the child grows their eyes follow the patterns sewn into the handmade quilts, and the color designs draws the young one’s attention, as they learn to experience the tessellations of the traditional baby quilts or the familiar designs of animals, numbers, letters, or characters appliquéd onto a modern handmade quilt.

I Spy a duck or a bird; can become a familiar game, as the baby begins to recognize the names of soon to be familiar animals or colors. How wonderful to add a soft, cuddly baby quilt to a car trip, a stroller ride and play a familiar game with the child’s favorite handmade blanket.

I Spy baby quilts can cuddle and teach at the same time.  In this my latest design, I added two blocks of each animal and now not only can you play “I Spy,” but also add a matching component too.

Handmade I Spy baby quilts are not just for cuddles.  “I Spy”,  parents and their children having fun with quilts.

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