One Stitch at a Time

“Friendships are sewn… one stitch at a time…” 

Quilting may not be one of those “team activities”  where you have dozens of ladies sit around all the time and join you in your sewing room.  Now don’t get me wrong, you will always have plenty of friends to keep you company while making that baby crib quilt.  Surround yourself with some of your favorite quilting friends.  Let me introduce you to some of them.

handmade quilt fabric

The delicate, but all so soft, one hundred percent cotton flannel is on the top my priority list.  Any way you cut it, she is a baby crib quilter’s best friend.  That soft cuddly smooth texture will give the baby a feel of warmth and comfort.  The cotton fabric is guaranteed to last each machine wash and dry, giving the mother the added security of a safe and clean washed quilt, time after time. 

handmade quilt fabric, one stitch at a time

A colorful and wonderful to the touch best friend of a quilter is the quilting fabric known to all as minx.  Though you might find bits and pieces of her fluffy edges all over your sewing room, when cutting her into shape, the look and feel of each gorgeous little “minx” will be worth the clean up.  Your quilts will be extra special having this friend to grace your baby quilt.

Try adding a touch of friendship to each of your handmade baby crib quilts, one stitch at a time.

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