Supporting our Troops with Quilts

Quilting is my passion.  Quilting is my pastime.  When the two opportunities are put to good use and a cause is added to the mixture, quilting blossoms into a lot more when people get involved.

family, veteran, baby quilt

With Memorial Day just around the corner, many people are taking time out of their busy lives to honor those courageous men and women who have given of themselves, and many with their lives, to give us freedom, that ALL enjoy in the United States.  We take time to think of family and friends, past and present , who have marched on into battle and defended my right to write this blog now.  This and many other freedoms must never be taken for granted.  Those of us not in uniform MUST take time to do our share and ALWAYS say “Thank you’ to our troops.

The American Hero Quilts

Happy Memorial Day

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