Quilting is My Passion

As I just sat and watched the US football (soccer) game against Slovenia end in a 2 -2 tie at the World Cup, I was reminded of the passion in the eyes of the players, the coaches, and the fans.  The love of the sport goes far beyond the point in the goal.  As a “soccer Mom” of 3 boys and a go-getter lady, I spent many hours at their practices and soccer games. From a very early age, that passion for the game was in the eyes of my children, as well. 

When asked by others, why is quilting such a passion for me?  Is it because I spent hours with a needle in hand or at the sewing machine? 

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Here is my response:
Quilting is my passion because:

I see quilting in my family  –  I grew up standing beside the quilting frame, next to my Grandmother, as I watched her hands gently rock back and forth, as she created what I can to love as her beautiful patchwork quilts.

I see quilting in my history – I live in Collier County, Florida.  Here the Seminole tribe lives and have lived for generations.  Their history shows the use of quilting to not only make lovely clothing and blankets that tell stories in the patterns that they use.

I see quilting in art and mathematics – As a teacher in Collier County, Florida, I use quilting to teach geometric concepts, such as tessellations, angles, symmetry and their adaptations to the world of art. 

I see quilting in community service – As a parent, my daughter had a life threatening heart problem.  Thanks to All Children’s Hospital and their talented doctors and staff, she is healthy again.  She was given a quilt while in the hospital, which she treasures.  Now I give back to others, and make quilts for other children.  Please send any quilts you would like also donate to: QuiltsForKids.org

I see quilting in business – As I started my own on line business, Unique Baby Quilt Boutique www.uniquebabyquiltboutique.com.

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