Handmade Baby Quilt Three-Way Time Savers

The handmade baby quilt you bring to the shower will get raves from everyone there and earn you a personal pat on the back for all the time you saved. Here’s how:

No Time Spent Worrying Whether It Will Fit

dinosaur quilt for babies

How often have you stood at a counter holding an outfit in your hand and trying to predict whether it will fit the new baby when the season is right?  That cute sweater looks like it might be roomy enough when it starts getting chilly, but if the baby grows quickly, it could be that your gift will never be worn.

Now a hand-sewn baby quilt is one-size-fits-all, from the time the newborn comes home from the hospital until the toddler uses it as a play mat or a lap wrap during story time. No need to waste a second thinking about whether the outfit will shrink in the wash, because The Baby Quilt Lady pre-washes all the super-soft flannel she uses, so the laundered quilt will stay true to size. Big babies and little babies will snuggle with the unique baby quilt you choose regardless of the size they or the season they’re in.

No Time Spent Trying to Make It Yourself

Sharon the Baby Quilt Lady

Sure, you are handy with a needle, but making just one quilt can become a time-consuming, sometimes frustrating project.

The Baby Quilt Lady makes perfect-looking, ruggedly-constructed baby quilts for boys and girls all the time.  She knows the ins and outs of the construction process, so no wrinkle in the quilt-making phases her.  If you’ve got plenty of time on your hands, you might wrestle with the fabrics and come up with an acceptable gift, but wouldn’t it be easier to select a unique baby quilt already finished and sewn to the highest quality standards?

Why you could be taking a nap instead of ripping out crooked stitches and wrangling bindings.

No Time Spent Shopping

pink zebras quilt

Looking in stores for a baby quilt is a time-consuming, often frustrating chore. First there’s the traffic to get there. Then there’s finding a parking space.  Next, you’re either smothered by an over-enthusiastic salesperson or ignored by an indifferent one. And then there’s the depressing selection of any-baby themes.

That’s not the case at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, where quilts can be tailor-made to match the family’s interests or the nursery decor. If the nursery motif is animals, you can select a one-of-a-kind design with frisky monkeys, pandas or giraffes. If the family loves learning, you can select an “I Spy” patchwork design with matching opportunities.

The Baby Quilt Lady can create personalized baby quilts with the child’s name embroidered into the design. And even clothing from a loved one can be integrated into a very special quilt. And all that is arranged in the comfort of your home with the click of your keyboard.

Personalized Lady Bugs, baby quilt pink and brown quilt

You will save time by ordering an unusual baby quilt from The Baby Quilt Lady, but your gift is a timeless treasure that the baby will enjoy now and in the future, when the grown-up baby has children of her own.

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