Handmade Baby Quilts Bond Kids and Critters

Personalized baby quilts, pink quilt

Nothing’s more adorable than a baby hugging her favorite stuffed animal, be it panda, penguin or giraffe. But you can intensify that special bond between baby and critter by buying a handmade baby quilt with an animal design.

What a great way to introduce the new little one to a faithful companion. That’s because The Baby Quilt Lady’s critters will last long after stuffed toys fall apart or get lost. She makes her unique handmade baby quilts for boys and girls with pre-washed, super-soft flannels. She constructs them with the top quality workmanship years of experience allows.  Here are just a few possibilities:

Penguins Are Media Super Stars

penguins on parade quilt

Ever since those animated movies came out, penguins have acquired legions of fans. Penguin can’t look anything but cute, and a quilt where they are arranged in one-of-a-kind designs can’t help but bring a smile to the baby who will cuddle them and a feeling of joy to everyone else who gets to take a peek.

Giraffes Stretch Imaginations

handmade baby quilt, pink quilt
Baby Pink Giraffe

Those oh-so-tall members of the animal kingdom are irresistible paired with pelt patterns in a choice of eye-pleasing arrangements. As little cribsters learn that their cuddly companions have a special place in the critter world, they can learn about giraffes’ habitats, their long birth cycle and their unique anatomy that teaches being different can be a good thing.

Personalized Jungle Animals

Whales Have Gigantic Appeal

Here’s a whale watch every baby can enjoy without leaving the comfort of his crib. Those real-life whales that are so awesome in the sea have just as great an impact when they’re cute and cavorting on a hand quilted baby quilt.  The Baby Quilt Lady’s cloth versions are a sight for the eyes and a spur to the imaginations of little ones eager to learn about the kings of the sea world.

Handmade Baby Quilt. Whale of a Good Time, blue embroidered baby quilt

Frogs Leap Into Hearts

They’re droll, they’re sly and they’re just plain lovable when frogs form the design of a handmade baby quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique. One of the most popular animal subjects for books, clothes accents and pottery, the green jumpers easily make the leap to quilt art in the skilled hands of The Baby Quilt Lady.

frog baby quilt

Monkeys Make Magic

They remind us of the circus, they remind us of the jungle and they remind us of ourselves. Jaunty little monkeys cavorting on a baby quilt will delight the child who owns  it and warm the hearts of his family and friends.

Monkey Business, handmade baby quilt, yellow quilt

There’s an Ark-full of Options

Putting a new baby in touch with the animal kingdom is so easy when the choices include ladybugs, butterflies and garden dwellers.  In addition to a single-animal theme, a patchwork design is available using many animal prints. The Baby Quilt Lady can arrange them in an “I Spy” design, so that little people can have fun finding the matches that appear throughout the quilt.

animal i spy quilt

If finding the right baby shower gift or birthday gift has been a bear or you, eliminate the stress with a quick and easy conference with The Baby Quilt Lady.  A memorable gift of a handmade baby quilt with an animal design is just a few clicks way.

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