Cool Easter Bunnies Bring Handmade Baby Quilts

When the Easter Bunny delivers goodies to your favorite baby, a handmade baby quilt will top all the toys and sweets in the little one’s basket. Here’s why:

Handmade Baby Quilts Last

Those springtime outfits will shrink and fade and stuffed toys will soon show wear, but the pre-washed, pre-shrunk baby quilt made by The Baby Quilt Lady will maintain its charm for many, many Easters to come. That’s because all the components are top quality, and the construction is as sturdy as a savvy, experienced quilter can make it.

Forget about gooey candy and novelties, and pack that basket with a one-of-a-kind, handmade baby quilt that will last not only for this child, but his future siblings or his own children to come.

Any Time’s the Right Time for a Gift Quilt

easter animal i spy

Don’t despair if you missed the opportunity to bring a quilt to the baby shower. Versatile handmade baby quilts for boys and girls have no time limit for loads of use. They will keep the infant and growing baby warm in the crib when it’s cold outside, and will chase away the chill when the air-conditioning is on.

The older baby will welcome its soothing comfort when it’s nap time in another home, and happily snuggle in its warmth on windy-day visits to the mall. Even later, the toddler will delight in its softness when he plays with toys on the floor, or relish the coziness when she and grandma settle down for a storytelling session.

If you haven’t done it yet, Easter is the perfect occasion to introduce a hand quilted baby quilt into a precious little baby’s life.

The Easter Bunny Makes It Personal

Handmade Baby Quilt, Personalized Animal I Spy, Personalized Baby Quilt

Store-bought toys and mass-produced clothes just don’t have the wow power of a gift created just for the special baby in your life. Ask The Baby Quilt Lady to embroider the baby’s name into the design of the quilt. Or send her some fabric from the dad’s favorite T-shirt or Granny’s favorite blouse, and they too can be part of the unique design.

Should you want to match the décor of the house or the nursery, the many soft baby flannels on hand at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will enable you to choose a quilt tailor-made for the baby’s home or family lifestyle.

The Bunny Has a Versatile Bag of Quilts

unique handmade baby quilts for boys for sale Personalized Play Ball, Handmade baby quilt, personalized quilt,
Personalized Play Ball

Easter is the ideal time for the many soft colors and gentle themes your baby will love. Sweet flowers and cute critters reflect the traditional color scheme of the holiday. But if you’ve a mind for more zippy motifs, The Baby Quilt Lady will oblige with rocket ships, dancing slippers, sailboats and soccer balls, to name a few.

Now’s the time to strap on your bunny ears and choose a one-of-a-kind, handmade bunny quilt to make this Easter super-special for the cutest little bunny in your life.

peach bunnies and flowers

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