Four Ways Handmade Baby Quilts Send Love to the Loves in Your Life

Four ways handmade baby quilts send love to the loves in your life are with their uniqueness, their personal nature, their security and their constancy. Here’s how:

They’re One of a Kind

How many times does anyone have the opportunity to own something that’s one of a kind? Rarely, if ever. Oh, sure there are limited edition prints and limited edition cars, but that ’s not quite the same as owning something specially made to be completely different from all others.

When The Baby Quilt Lady designs her unique baby quilts for boys and girls, she may use her adorable baby flannel prints more than once, but the design itself, the graphics, the coordination with other harmonizing materials, that will be totally different for every quilt she creates. So when you work with her to produce a hand-sewn baby quilt for the precious little tyke in your life,  you can be sure that the gift you give will be like no other.

They’re Personalized in Many Ways

The handmade quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique give you the opportunity to personalize them in a many ways. First, you can have The  Baby Quilt Lady embroider the baby’s name into the quilt design. No mass-produced blanket can offer that. Then you can choose a print that harmonizes with the family’s interests.

For instance, there are sports prints and sailboat prints, flowers and dancing shoes. Or you can match the design with the nursery’s motif. Frolicking animals for the circus-themed nursery or an outer-space quilt for a little astronaut’s sky lab. You can have fabric from a loved one’s clothing made part of the design, ensuring that past generations are still close to the new arrival.

They furnish peace of mind

Animal I Spy

Strangeness causes anxiety, but familiarity breeds contentment.  When the newborn is being whisked away from the comfort of the nursery to surroundings unknown, that could be cause for unhappiness. But newbies wrapped in their faithful crib companion could be less worried and more secure. The handmade quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique are designed to go anywhere with your baby, so her well-being is boosted and her mood is calm.

They’re Made for the Long Haul

And they will be hauled along floors as the toddler keeps his quilt by his side,  as Mom drags it in and out of the car for road trips, and when Dad flops it down on the floor when his little girl plays there with her toys. That’s why The Baby Quilt Lady assembles her quilts with top-notch materials and puts them together meticulously with the strongest quilting techniques.

Because they are so tough, the little baby you love will get to enjoy his quilt for years to come. When it’s time to put it away, that beloved quilt will have a second life, making this little baby’s babies happy and secure.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give the little ones in your life a baby quilt that conveys your love.

If there’s a brother or sister you’d also like to  delight, The Baby Quilt Lady can make twin-size quilts. Contact her today.

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