Great Presidents Probably Had Great Handmade Baby Quilts

Great presidents probably had great handmade baby quilts, or they might never have done the deeds that earned them their country’s eternal gratitude. Great presidents probably had great handmade baby quiltsIf it worked for them, it could work for the little baby in your life who’s just starting out on the road to greatness. Here’s how:

Quilt Security Gives Babies Confidence

Parents can’t help but notice that when their babies feel safe and secure, they smile and welcome new adventures.

They appreciate that their beloved crib companion can come with them when they’re taken from the coziness of the nursery to different surroundings. Maybe it’s a relative’s house with new sounds and sights. Maybe it’s a busy mall, with strange smells and strange faces. The scene might be changing but the well-loved baby quilt will be an anchor of security in a sea of unknowns. The baby who’s backed up by his favorite quilt can face the challenges of new situations with an open mind and a happy heart.  That makes it easier for him later, so he can negotiate like FDR at Yalta. Today your qualified little girl can master a room full of relatives. Later it could be a council of U.N. delegates.

The Baby Quilt Lady’s Quilts Fire Imaginations

Because she has so many terrific flannel prints from which to compose her one-of-a-kind baby quilts for boys and girls, The Baby Quilt Lady’s creations can spark the imagination of a little one to become a big mover and shaker in the world.  The sailboat print might spur a yen to attend Annapolis, a great start for political careers. Perhaps George Washington’s own sailboat quilt inspired him to make the trip across the Delaware.  And the monkeys and jungle patterns of Teddy Roosevelt’s baby quilt could have instigated his exploration of an Amazon tributary in Brazil. Was JFK’s PT boat heroism partly a result of his sailboat baby quilt?

Personalized Baby Quilts Heighten Individuality

Quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique can include the baby’s name embroidered right into the design. Personalized USA Baby Quilt

What a great way to give a new little girl a strong sense of self-worth, and a boost to the beginning of faith in herself!  World leaders can make monumental decisions partly because they trust their own judgement. Maybe Eisenhower’s European victories sprouted from a quilt named Ike.

There are ordinary baby quilts on the market, mass-produced and impersonal, and then there are the meticulously hand-sewn, one-of-a-kind baby quilts available at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique. The shelf quilts might only steer their users to the mass of the rank and file.

The lucky owners of quilts made by The Baby Quilt Lady might have a head start on the road to greatness.

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