Hand Quilted Baby Quilts Celebrate St. Patrick

Hand quilted baby quilts celebrate St. Patrick on his special day this year and for years to come. Here’s how:

The Baby Quilt Lady has gathered shamrock and leprechaun prints that symbolize the celebration of St. Patrick and the joy of being Irish.  St. Patrick led a remarkable life and is credited with establishing Catholicism in Ireland. He is said to have used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity.  The leprechaun has morphed from the red-coated trickster of early Gaelic folklore to a charming, green-clad imp with a secret path to a pot of gold.

So the shamrock and the leprechaun on unique, handmade baby quilts for boys and girls are two delightful ways to teach a child about Irish heritage and legend while she snuggles and he cuddles in the softest baby flannels.

notre dame shamrock

The Irish Design Will Be One of a Kind

The Baby Quilt Lady might be using the same prints for the many quilts she assembles with an Irish theme, but her imagination and creativity insure that the quilt you choose for your precious little baby will be completely different from any other that she makes. That’s because there’s a huge selection of coordinating fabrics and design options she uses to make each baby quilt like no other.

She can also embroider the name of the baby onto the quilt, so that not only will the graphics be his and his alone, but his name will add to the individuality.

St. Patrick’s Life and Ireland’s History Are Triumphs to Remember

Lots of folks wear the green and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day because his life and that of his country are triumphs. Did you know he was captured and enslaved as a youth? But he escaped, returned to his family and became a missionary. Did you know Ireland stubbornly fought for freedom from England for hundreds of years before finally gaining independence?

Little children love good stories, and St. Patrick’s and Ireland’s are corkers. Maybe a quilt with shamrocks and leprechauns will inspire some little boy to meet a challenge, or some little girl to speak out against injustice.

Handmade Baby Quilts with Irish Themes Will Last

St. Patrick was a rugged soul and Ireland is a tough country. The Baby Quilt Lady assembles baby quilts that can survive the hard use babies give them. Because they are made with quality materials and stitched with the strongest techniques, they can be dragged along the floor, crumpled in the car seat and tossed in the washer and dryer. Their resilience will provide years of use in the crib, as a play mat on the floor and as lap robes for story-telling times.  Later, they can be passed down to a new generation of babies who will love to hear the legend of St. Patrick.

Get in the Spirit of things Right Now

fighting irish

Download a shamrock and make up a gift card for your precious little one, saying that a handmade baby quilt will soon be made at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique in a Gaelic style that’s just for him or her.

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