Handmade Baby Quilts for St. Patrick’s Day

You don’t have to be from the Emerald Isle to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, so a bright green baby quilt is the perfect way to mark that happy day and bring joy to your little leprechaun all year long. The Baby Quilt Lady creates St. Patrick’s Day baby gifts with Irish motifs and universal themes.

Frog Quilts Are Family Faves

The Frog Quilt will delight sons and daughters of Erin and every other little cribster with its patches of green-hued amphibians. Adorable frogs have leapt their way into everyone’s hearts on clothing, in cartoons, books and on tableware, but they are just as irresistible in baby quilts for boys and girls in designs that include polka dots and coordinating solid colors. frog quilt with frog

Oh, the lucky little baby that gets to cuddle with a complement of froggies in the crib, in the carriage, in the car seat. Those cute green critters will relax the little ones when they’re drifting off to dreamland at nap time in their own cribs, and they’ll be familiar friends when the family goes traveling and the sleeping area is strange.

Frogs will charm both boys and girls, so frog quilts are the perfect baby shower gift idea. That versatility pays off in other ways. Suppose when this child has outgrown the quilt, another baby is coming along. The unisex quality of the frog motif makes it just as welcome for a new baby of another gender. Suppose the baby quilt will be stored as a treasured keepsake for this baby’s own children. Whatever they may be, the frog quilt will be just right.

Frogs have an interesting life story, so their presence on a baby quilt can be the source of many enchanting stories. Maybe even a career. Perhaps a biologist will bloom from an early baby/frog connection.

Numbers Add Learning Opportunities

numbers baby quilt

The green numbers quilt is a grand way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in an educational way. While the traditional green color dominates the design, the series of numbers in the print can be the start of great learning opportunities. The possibilities are endless. First there’s number recognition, and then learning the home street number. Maybe simple addition will follow. Whatever learning takes place in this playful way, the numbers quilt will always be eye-pleasing to babies and parents alike. And here is another print that is equally appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day baby gifts for boys and girls.

Leprechauns Star in Patchwork Design

The Unique Baby Quilt Boutique has handmade baby quilts for sale with a patchwork print that says “The Leprechauns Made Me Do It.” Now how’s that for a for a baby shower gift for a newbie with a Gaelic history? Or any little mischief-maker?

The Baby Quilt Lady has as many unusual handmade baby quilts as there are shamrocks in the meadows. Quilts can be personalized with the baby’s name integrated into the design. Clothing from loved ones can become part of the quilt. No two quilts are ever alike.

T-Shirt Stars Handmade Baby Quilt

There’s still a bit of time before the wearing of the green, so contact The Baby Quilt Lady now for a handmade St. Patrick’s Day gift from Grandma, or anyone else who wants to give a truly memorable gift.



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