Three Personalized Baby Quilts on Sale for Newborn Sweethearts

Make the newborn’s first Valentine’s Day a memorable event with a handmade baby quilt that bears her name. The Baby Quilt Lady has just three available for personalizing in time for that special day when we show loved ones how much they mean to us.

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That precious little one might not understand it just yet, but she’ll feel the love in her Valentine’s Day baby quilt in at least six ways.

Valentine’s Day Baby Quilts Are Tactile

The newborn is sensing the pleasures of his world with what he eats and smells, tastes and feels. The caress of his mom and dad are the ultimate source of serenity, but the cotton flannel is a steady source of soothing comfort when he’s snuggling with his quilt in the crib.   And even though the soft baby flannel has been washed before assembly to ensure its deep softness, the frequent washings and dryings it will undergo will intensify that comforting feeling even more.

Handmade Baby Quilts Make Every Place Safe

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When each new day presents new scenery for a baby on the go, her unique handmade baby quilt is a constant source of security.  No anxiety from strange environments for the little one wrapped in her well-known crib companion. Less fussing, more napping when that friendly baby quilt is close.

Baby Quilts Spark Imaginations

As she starts to explore her world, she’ll delight in the drama of her baby quilt’s design. Should the lucky little lady receive a quilt with a lady bug theme, she can learn how those teeny little creatures got their name.

If the cute little guy has a quilt with football helmets, he’ll be initiated into the family’s sports passion from the get-go. The patchwork format is suitable for baby quilts for boys and girls. The Baby Quilt Lady fashions a design with an “I Spy” motif so that the little ones can hunt for the two matching patches in the arrangement. Also, the patchwork features loads of prints that help babies learn the names of things,

Valentine’s Day Baby Quilts Are Going to Last

She’ll appreciate the long-term friendship she’ll have with her quilt. First it’s a crib blanket and a carriage warmer, but later it will be a play mat for toy time on the floor. Later it can be a lap robe for story-telling or TV watching, and later it can put away and re-loved by this baby’s own babies.

They’re So Personal

There aren’t many presents for everyday use that have the baby’s name included in the design, but The Baby Quilt Lady can do just that. Right now there are three handmade baby quilts for Valentine’s Day available for personalizing, but more can always be ordered for a later date.

Get a Sweetheart of a Deal

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There’s always free shipping at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique so this is the perfect time to choose the best gift for babies for Valentine’s Day, a memorable gift for the little sweetheart in your life.

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