Handmade Baby Quilts Deliver New Year’s Promises

You’ve made a lot of pledges to the new baby that’s coming, and a handmade baby quilt will deliver New Year’s promises.  Here’s how:

Baby Will Always be Comfy

frog and quilt

The new little one will never feel the discomfort of a chill, because the quilt you gave her will surround her with warmth. The Baby Quilt Lady makes her one-of-a-kind quilts with soft baby flannel and three-layered construction. The quilt is so mobile that it can warm the baby on chilly car trips and in drafty public places and in the carriage when brisk winds bring an unexpected temperature dip.

Baby Will Always Feel Secure

heartfelt, handmade baby quilt, blue

You’ve vowed the uneasy feeling that we experience in unfamiliar places is something the new baby will avoid. That well-known quilt that is a constant companion in the crib can wrap the little one in a blanket of security when his environment changes. Take it on visits to Grandma’s house or to dinner at Aunt Sally’s. The landscape might be strange, but that friendly quilt will help put the little one at ease.

Baby Can Count on Her Quilt

Handmade baby quilt. sports theme quilt, football print

When you choose a hand-sewn baby quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, you’re ensuring the precious relationship between the baby and her quilt won’t be damaged by a quilt that fails. Inferior products won’t go through the washer and dryer like this one will. That’s because the finest quality components have been meticulously stitched into a quilt that will last. Even when it graduates to service as a play mat for a rambunctious toddler, it won’t disappoint. The little girl may see toys brake and clothes come apart, but her quilt will be there for her.

Baby’s Imagination Will be Stoked

Handmade Baby Quilt, 123 Green Light Go, green baby quilt

You want to make sure the little newcomer’s imagination gets fired up from the get-go, so the quilt you choose can be a rich source of fun and information. If you choose the “I Spy” patchwork design, the little guy can look for the matching squares. You and he can make up stories about the whales on his quilt or the sea life and sailboats on other designs. And it’s an opportunity for you to introduce the history of the characters featured in the design, all while you and he are snuggling together.

Baby Will Appreciate Family

animal i spy quilt

You can send clothing from loved ones for The Baby Quilt Lady to incorporate in a design. That way your precious little one will be cuddling with a memento from a dear departed granddad, or a favorite aunt. The new baby won’t know it for a long time, but when he can understand it, he’ll be happy to know that the quilt he has loved is going to be saved for his children to treasure just as much as he has.

So you know deep down that your New Year’s resolutions about diet and exercise are probably going to falter. A hand-sewn quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will not.

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