Handmade Baby Quilts Banish the Brrrrs

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Baby, it’s cold outside, but not for babies bundled up against the chill with quilts made especially for them. Here’s why:

There’s Triple Protection


Handmade Baby Quilts Resist Cold Anywhere

Not one or two, but three layers of cold-resistant materials wrap around your precious little baby to ward off the cold. The Baby Quilt Lady uses top-quality, super-soft baby flannel for the design element of the quilts she makes for you. That segment is joined with cotton batting and cotton backing material to form a tough trio of fabrics that keeps little babies insulated from chilliness.

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Baby quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique do a wonderful job of keeping babies warm in their cribs, but that’s just part of the story. When it’s time to go visiting or shopping while temperatures are low, the quilt keeps the baby comfortable in the car and provides shelter from icy blasts and falling snow going to and from mall parking lots or family driveways. And all that cold protection is easily shed once the environment is right. No wrestling the little ones out of heavy sweaters and sweatshirts is necessary.

Baby Quilts are Draft Protection


Since The Baby Quilt Lady’s quilts are so soft and comfortable, it’s easy to wrap the baby in a way that protects him from those dangerous, sneaky drafts. You know how easy it is for a grown-up to catch cold because he didn’t notice the draft he was sitting in.  Little babies can’t sense that danger, but they can be wrapped in their quilts so well that drafts can’t get to them.

Quilt Comfort Generates Warm Feelings


Not only do The Baby Quilt Lady’s unique hand-sewnChoose Handmade Jungle Theme Baby Quilt for Boys and Girls baby quilts for boys and girls protect against outer cold, but they promote inner warmth as well.  When anyone feels uncomfortable in their surroundings, they get chilly. But when they are surrounded by softness and the comfort of something cozy and familiar, their sense of well-being promotes an inner sensation of warmth. When you get a warm and fuzzy feeling, it’s because your emotions are turning up the heat.

Warmth Tops the List of Baby Quilt Benefits

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When you think about all the good things your baby quilt gift will bring, you’ll have a lot to think about. Its rugged construction will make it last as the baby graduates from crib life to play dates and family gatherings.  Each design is one of a kind. You can heighten its individuality by personalizing the quilt with the baby’s name or loved ones’ fabrics integrated into the pattern. The design theme you choose can match the family’s personality or the nursery decor.  And it will be cherished as a keepsake for future generations. But what that beautiful quilt will do, most of all, is provide comforting warmth to the little one you hope will never feel out in.

Handmade Baby Quilts Banish the Brrrrs

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all  

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