Handmade Baby Quilts Make Memorable Gifts

Handmade baby quilts make memorable gifts for boys and girls and will please the little ones with their warmth and snuggle power now. They will also start a trove of precious memories that will last into the future.

Here’s how:

It’s a Gift with Significance


The homemade quilt you choose won’t be some generic baby-theme blanket mass-produced overseas. You’ll work with The Baby Quilt Lady to find just the right quilt to match this family’s personality.  You’ll be surprised at the wide selection of patterns you can shop so that your quilt will be an ideal match and a gift that will stand out from all the rest.

The Baby will Remember His Quilt Companion

penguins on parade quilt

Most things you buy an infant get put away as soon as the baby starts to outgrow them, but the quilt that felt so warm and snuggly in the crib has just begun a long, close relationship with its little owner. Soon that quilt will cuddle and reassure the baby when the family are guests in another home, or when there’s a motel that’s doing the sheltering on a family vacation. Later, when there are toys to play with on the floor, the quilt will be a soft, comfy play mat, protecting the baby from the cold, hard floor and protecting the floor from baby play. And later, that little girl will remember how much fun story time was when she and Mom were wrapped in the soft folds of the quilt.

The Family Will Remember How Thoughtful You Were

christmas with penguin quilt

Sure, you could’ve decided to buy a useful piece of baby gear, but that is so impersonal and such a temporary part of the baby’s life. But if you take the time to choose a quilt that’s tailor-made for this new family member, you’ll be fondly remembered for years to come.

Baby Quilt Memories Last for Generations

123 green light quilt

Because The Baby Quilt Lady constructs baby quilts from the finest quality materials and uses the best techniques, the quilts will last through all the launderings of babyhood and emerge to be cherished by this baby’s babies. Now the new parent will take out the gift you gave so long ago and remember all the comfort and pleasure you and it provided. She’ll relish the comfort her own child will have and look forward to sharing her quilt memories.

Quilts Have an Age-old Tradition

animal i spy quilt

Quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique are made with the latest techniques and fabrics, but they represent a cultural art form that goes back to the ancient Chinese and Egyptians. Quilts were seen in the Middle Ages in Europe and in this country’s frontier era. So your gift of a handmade baby quilt is as tough and as beautiful as current know-how can make it, but its character conveys remembrances of long-ago peoples in near and far away places.

Don’t wait another minute. Contact The Baby Quilt Lady at once so that your unique quilt will make that baby’s holiday, whether it’s Christmas, Chanukah or Kwanzaa, memorable to begin with and a maker of memories for a long, long time.

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