Homemade Baby Quilts Are Heartfelt Holiday Gifts

It may be hard to find the right gifts for some loved ones, but it’s a cinch to please the babies in your life with unique homemade baby quilts that are heartfelt holiday gifts for boys and girls. Here’s why:

You Choose a Theme with Meaning

stars in space quilt

The Baby Quilt Lady searches far and wide for all kinds of novel prints in soft baby flannel. So if the baby’s dad is in transportation, maybe the quilt with the cars, trucks and trains is ideal.  Maybe Mom works for NASA. If so, there are spaceship prints to inspire her little one to follow in her footsteps.  And for the family that loves to work in their garden, you can choose a quilt designed with butterflies, lady bugs or other garden critters.  The Unique Baby Quilt Boutique gives you the opportunity to bypass conventional, cliché themes and zero in on a motif that dovetails with the family’s interests.

Your Handmade Baby Quilt is a Keeper


Once you decide on a handmade quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, you can rest assured that the quality of its construction will enable it to remain intact all through the many washings and dryings it will experience and the wear and tear that cute little tot is going to put it through. You can revel in the knowledge that the adorable baby quilt you gave will be a source of comfort and enjoyment to the baby from the first days in the crib to later days, when it becomes a play mat on the floor or a cuddly shawl when the family watches TV together.

You Can Personalize it for Even More Significance

animal i spy quilt

The baby and the family will so much appreciate a quilt with the baby’s name integrated into the design. That’s something a mass-produced, chain-store quilt is unlikely to offer. You will make it easy for the baby to recognize his own name when it’s been beside him in his crib from the first days of his arrival.

Baby Quilts Work in So Many Ways


Most gear for new babies are one-trick ponies, designed to do just one thing. But a homemade baby quilt serves in so many ways as a crib comforter, a carriage blanket, a security blanket in strange places, a play mat, a story inspiration, and even a teaching tool. And don’t forget wall art. Some moms elect to hang the beautiful baby quilt because it’s such a decorative asset to the nursery.

The Energy Saved by Easy Shopping Can Be Invested in the Gift.

123 green light quilt

Knock yourself out running through crowded malls in search of other family gifts, but sidle down your in-home Easy Street to select your handmade baby quilts on line. You can use all the ease of an on-line transaction to confer with The Baby Quilt Lady and come up with a unique baby quilt that will endear you to all the family. But hurry! The best quilt will come with the most time to make it.

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