Handmade Baby Quilts Super Shower Gifts

 It’s hard to top a handmade baby quilt when you want the ideal baby shower gift. Here’s why:

Personalized Jungle Animals

They’re Eye-Pleasers

When the mom-to-be opens the box, and that beautiful, hand-sewn quilt comes out, everyone will fall in love. That’s because The Baby Quilt Lady has customized the one-of-a-kind design to fit perfectly with the new baby and his family. Little jungle animals and paw prints might be just the ticket to coordinate with the circus motif of his nursery. Or the sweet little butterflies cavorting on a pastel field of flowers will ease a new little girl’s entry into a family of gardeners. Sometimes the quilt is so artful that the parents opt to hang it on the nursery wall.

Handmade baby quilt. sports theme quilt, ball games quilt, blue quilt, personalized quilt
Personalized Quilts

They’re Care Givers

They may only be three layers of soft fabric, but to a baby they are the source of warmth and comfort in the crib. Drafty days and chilly nights will never be a problem to a baby snuggling with a handmade quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique. And when it’s time to visit new places, that warm, familiar quilt will provide the security needed to keep the little one feeling safe and calm.

Handmade Baby Quilt, 123 Green Light Go, green baby quilt

They Spark Imaginations

There’s not much drama in a gifted sun suit, but the unique design on a baby quilt can be the catalyst for dozens of stories and adventures. A little guy’s mind can be stirred by tales of the sea when his quilt design has whales or sailboats. A little girl can dream of life on the stage and the ballerinas who danced there when her quilt has ballet shoes sewn in.

They’re Multi-purpose

While the beautiful quilt you choose can cuddle the new baby in the crib, that’s just the beginning of its uses. It’s a take-with wherever the family is going when the temperatures are cool.  Put it in the playpen to keep the little one content. Later, the unique handmade quilt becomes a sturdy play mat for floor play, or a shoulder-warmer for mother and child when it’s story time.

Handmade Baby Quilt, Personalized Animal I Spy, Personalized Baby Quilt

They’ll Last Now and Later

The Baby Quilt Lady prewashes the fabrics and sews them sturdily, so the baby quilt you give will last and last. And after it has survived countless trips through the washer and dryer, it can be stored and saved for another generation of the family to treasure.

They Can Be Personal

You can have the baby’s name integrated into the design for the ultimate personal gift. Or you could provide clothing from a loved one that can become part of the quilt.

It’s So Easy to Do

Why run around crowded malls to find a gift, when the Unique Baby Quilt Boutique is a few clicks away on your computer? You’ll communicate directly with The Baby Quilt Lady, so that the ideal shower gift you seek will be made and sent directly to you. All you have to do is accept the compliments as the baby shower’s super gift-giver.

handmade baby quilts
Handmade baby quilts

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