Handmade Baby Quilts Have Five Winning Ways

When you choose a handmade baby quilt for the baby shower, you’ve got at least five ways to top all the other gifts there.

Handmade Baby Quilts Are 100 % Original

sports equipment collage

Hand-sewn baby quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique are always one-of-kind.  You can be sure that the quilt you took so much care to choose will go anywhere with this new baby and never meet a duplicate.  That’s because The Baby Quilt Lady has the unique ability to take a theme and execute it in a huge variety of ways.

Even if you want to gift two little ones with a panda design, the quilts will be different.  There are stacks of mass-produced quilts on store shelves that are all alike, but your quilt will be like no other at the shower or anywhere else the baby goes.

Handmade Baby Quilts Can Be Personalized

Handmade Baby Quilt, Personalized Save The Turtles, blue and green quilt

Not only will The Baby Quilt Lady create an original design for your baby shower gift, but she can personalize it in three ingenious ways. First, she can integrate the baby’s name into the quilt design. That’s something a store-bought quilt can’t do. Next, she can help you find a print that best reflects the baby’s family life or the nursery decor.

Suppose the new baby boy has a room trimmed with outer-space accessories. Then a quilt with space ships, stars and planets would be perfect. If the parents hope their new little girl will share their love of nature, then a quilt with butterflies or lady bugs is ideal. And if you’d like the new baby to remember a family loved one, pieces of that loved one’s clothing can become part of the quilt’s design.

Baby Quilts Have Major Versatility

A snowsuit can keep a baby warm, but that’s about it. Handmade baby quilts for boys and girls have a whole bunch of uses. They keep the baby warm in the crib, but they also keep him comfy in his carriage or in the car. They are that soothing, familiar companion when the little one needs to take a nap in new surroundings, be it motel room or Grandma’s house.

deep blue sea quilt

Later, they are a handy play mat when it’s time to play with toys and fellow toddlers on the floor. And it’s great to hear a story with a quilt wrapped around the shoulders of the child and the storyteller.

Handmade Baby Quilts Last

frog in dots quilt

Most of the gifts at the baby shower have a short life in the life of the baby. Either the clothes will be outgrown, the toys will break, or the apparatus will no longer be needed.  The quilts made by The Baby Quilt Lady have great staying power, first because she makes them so sturdily with top-quality components, and secondly, because that versatility keeps them treasured possessions as the child grows.

Long after other shower gifts are history, baby quilts from quilts made by The Baby Quilt Lady will still be used and treasured by the child and then stored and used by this baby’s baby.

Handmade Baby Quilts Show Your Thoughtfulness

Personalized Jungle Animals

When that unique handmade baby quilt you chose is revealed at the shower, everyone will envy your cleverness in choosing something so personal, so durable, so original. And you did with just a few clicks of the computer in your very own home.

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