Handmade Baby Quilts Are Grandma’s Best Gifts to New-Mom Daughters


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Handmade baby quilts are Grandma’s best gifts to new-mom daughters  for a handful of excellent reasons.


It’s a Stand-out Gift

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Of course grandmothers want to give their daughters something extra special, something that’s meaningful and something that’s different from all the other gifts that will be coming their way.

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That’s where baby quilts for boys and girls from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique shine above all the usual things that will turn up at the baby shower. No one knows this soon-to-be-mom like her mother, so a soon-to-be granny can select a quilt design that perfectly matches the family’s interests or the baby’s environment.

If the family loves sports, there are quilt prints with football helmets or soccer balls. For animal lovers, there are whales and pandas, penguins and giraffes. Maybe the expectant parents love to garden, and if so there’s a huge choice of garden critters, including butterflies, frogs and lady bugs.  For career possibilities there are ballet shoes and rocket ships.

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personalized quilts

If the nursery will have the same cozy, homespun décor as the rest of the house, then a patchwork quilt works perfectly. If the new mom and dad have chosen a nursery rhyme theme for the walls, there’s a quilt with all the Mother Goose favorites to match.

And each quilt can be embroidered with the baby’s name for the ultimate personal touch.

Hand-sewn Quilts Are Learning Tools

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Grandmas love to encourage their new grand-babies to love learning, and they can do so by choosing a quilt that is more than just pretty to look at.  The Baby Quilt Lady fashions patchwork designs with two patches of the same print placed apart from each other. Then the little toddler and Grammy can hunt for the matches. Or the outer space motif can start stories about the stars or about astronauts. There are handmade baby quilts with numbers that can start little mathematicians on their way, and intricate designs to inspire future artists.


New Moms Appreciate Easy Care

Grandmas know first-hand how tired new moms get taking care of their babies, and the last thing they need is a special care item. That’s why quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will be a joy to take care of. First of all, the soft baby flannels are pre-washed before they’re ever put together. Then The Baby Quilt Lady uses her years of sewing experience to put the pieces together in the sturdiest possible way. That means that this gift will be all pleasure and very little work for the years of use it will get.


This Handmade Baby Quilt Can Be an Heirloom

Because it’s made so well, a one-of-a-kind baby quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will survive all the snuggling and rough play that adorable grandchild can dish out and still be ready to take on a new generation. Won’t you be thrilled if the quilt you gave your grandson can be used when he has children of his own?

Grandma’s Pockets Run Deep 

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New parents would be thrilled to buy little one a unique handmade baby quilt, but chances are they are so swamped by all the expenses that come with a new baby, that they just can’t manage it. That’s where a Grandma can come in, purchasing for her beloved family something they would love to buy themselves.

Go ahead, Grandma. Contact The Baby Quilt Lady and order a spectacular handmade baby quilt that will thrill your daughter, the new baby, you and all the family.

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