Handmade Baby Quilts Come to the Rescue

Handmade baby quilts come to the rescue in a whole bunch of situations. Here are three:

You Wanted to Make One, but Time Ran Out

You wanted to present that new baby in your life with a beautiful quilt that you lovingly made with your own two hands. You went out and shopped for fabrics and were determined to do the job. Ah, then life got in the way.  Your job got super stressful and you had to spend more time on it. The uptick in stress left you exhausted and in no mood to start sewing when you finally finished work.

Lavender Butterfly Baby Quilt

Or the kids suddenly had a zillion projects that were deadlining shortly and couldn’t progress without your input.

Maybe you actually started the project, but totally underestimated how much time it would take to do that much sewing in a perfect way.  And even though you’ve done sewing, making a gift-quality quilt has turned out to be far more challenging than you expected.

Meanwhile, the shower date is fast approaching, and you know in your heart of hearts you are never going to finish anything you’d be proud to give as a gift.

No worries. Contact The Baby Quilt Lady at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique and let her send you a spectacular handmade baby quilt that she has made far more meticulously than your wildest expectations. She has a delightful array of baby quilts for boys and girls that ensures you’ll find one you’ll be as happy to give as any you might have made yourself.

No stress or aggravation when you choose a quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique. It will come to you priority mail and shipping free.

You Want Your Baby Shower Gift to Be Unique

You’ve been looking in vain for a very special gift for that very special baby that’s about to arrive, but all you’ve seen is the same old same old. There are so many mass-produced items with generic, every-baby themes out there, and that just won’t do.

Handmade Baby Quilt, Personalized Save The Turtles, blue and green quilt

Let Unique Baby Quilt Boutique come to the rescue with a huge selection of one-of-a-kind handmade baby quilts that will not be seen anywhere else. That’s because The Baby Quilt Lady can take a motif that specifically fits with the baby and compose a quilt that is like no other.

There is a huge choice of soft flannel prints that includes rocket ships, sailboats, football gear, giraffes, fish, flowers and garden critters, so there’s just the right theme to go along with the family’s interests or the nursery decor. If there’s time, the baby’s name can be embroidered into the design.  The baby will get a splendid gift and you’ll get the highest marks for originality.

You Haven’t Found a Gift that Lasts

Those cute outfits have a time limit, and they’ll soon be history as the baby grows out of them or they succumb to the rigors of laundering. And there’s a definite shelf life to soon-to-decompose stuffed animals and out-grown baby paraphernalia.

Handmade baby quilt, blue print, penguin print

But The Baby Quilt Lady makes handmade baby quilts that last with expert construction and prewashing.  The quilt itself will travel through early childhood, first in the crib, then as a play mat and then as a beloved shawl or lap blanket at story time. And it can be stored and saved as a treasured heirloom for this baby’s babies.

Be smart. Get help. The Baby Quilt Lady supplies the perfect shower gifts, handmade baby quilts without the hassle.

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