9 Reasons for Choosing a Handmade Baby Quilt With Embroidery Patches

Handmade quilts using embroidery patches get extra oomph with a new feature.  The Baby Quilt Lady is adding to her home-sewn quilts for boys and girls. Now the gift you buy for the baby you adore will be even more special than it was before.
   Handmade Baby Quilt. Whale of a Good Time, blue embroidered baby quilt

    1. You already know that Unique Baby Quilt Boutique quilts are all one-of-kind, designed with a variety of eye-pleasing baby prints little ones love to snuggle with.  Now your design choice has expanded, because The Baby Quilt Lady’s uber-talented new sewing machine allows her to create even more versatile and unusual designs.
    2. But the most sophisticated machine is only as good as the person running it. Should the stitch be chain, running, backstitch, vine, blanket, satin, French knot or cross stitch? And what needle will produce the best results? That’s when it pays to choose an experienced, home-grown quilter who’ll make the technical choices ideal for the quilt you desire.
    3. Not only can the quilt design be enriched with embroidery, but the baby’s name can be embroidered into the quilt design as well. What a fabulous gift you will be giving that new baby and its family when the quilt you choose has a theme that meshes with the family’s personality and includes the baby’s name in the design.
      Personalized Jungle Animals
    4. Maybe you’ve been pondering about what gift would be the most welcome when you go to the baby shower. You’ve thought about cute outfits, but they are outgrown so quickly. And if you buy big, will clothes be season-appropriate when they finally fit? You’ve thought about baby gear, but that, too, gets outdated fast.
    5. Now a one-of-a-kind baby quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will last long after those other items are history. That’s because it has so many uses.  When the new little one arrives, that beautiful baby quilt is a source of warmth and comfort in the crib. Made with super-soft baby flannel, it’s the ultimate cuddler for the newborn.  And when the baby starts exploring the world, it’s a warm wrap for chilly outings in the car and carriage
    6. Once the toddler stage arrives, the much-loved quilt can serve as a play mat on the floor, keeping the baby safe from what’s on the floor, and keeping the carpet protected from baby damage.
    7. Still later, a handmade baby quilt is a fun learning tool, as the older child learns to identify the sea life on the quilt, or the jungle animals, the numbers, or all the critters on the  “I Spy” patchwork quilt.
    8. The personalized baby quilt you select will stay with its owner for a very long time, because The Baby Quilt Lady has put it together with the strongest materials and best sewing techniques.
    9. Because it’s washable and dryer-safe, the lucky baby you gift with a handmade baby quilt will be able to have it as a keepsake for children of her own.

Don’t wait another minute. Contact The Baby Quilt Lady and make a decision you’ll never regret by choosing a handmade baby quilt.



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