Baby Quilts Tell Many Stories – a Memorial Day Tribute

This blog was first printed in May 2014

 A Memorial Day Tribute

 from:    Unique Baby Quilt Boutique

The father, though nervous, stands by his wife.  They work together as the time approaches for them see and hold their long-awaited child.  The mother is in labor.  This is a tale, familiar to many around the world.

soldier and baby

Only this story has a different tale to tell.  A new baby is coming soon as the mother is about to give birth but there is no father with her by her side.  Thanks to the power of technology, the Internet has provided him with a program called Skype and the opportunity to be witness to his child coming into the world. This is the second best option to being with his wife but that is all he has to offer her at this important time.  This proud new Daddy is taking care of business for “Uncle Sam” in Afghanistan and could only be with his wife digitally and watch as his new little child bravely fights her way into this world.

A quilt would have to hold his baby close when Daddy’s arms are not there.  The threads and blocks of the baby quilt will hold his little one safe until her Daddy can come home to take over.  A quilt will keep his precious baby safe and warm as her Daddy continues his mission of protecting others in this great land of the United States and others in the World.

Baby quilts are designed to give color and joy to Daddy’s little girl, while he is bringing an expectation of a brighter day for those in a world where the future for many children may not be as optimistic as his own child.

Each block of the baby quilts will remind  his little one as she grows older that life has meaning.  From the artist, who designed the fabric to the quilter, who hand quilted the quilt, each shows a rich history and a true passion their craft, just as the baby’s Daddy marches into a strange land making his mark on the future.  One day,  his “little one” will read in her classroom how her Daddy’s sacrifice and dedication made history, as he did his part to make our world a safer place for not only his new daughter but for all in this world.

Thank you to all the US service men and women this Memorial Day, who put their lives on hold for their country.

“May your sorrows be patched and your joys be quilted.

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