4 Reasons Handmade Baby Quilts Make First Father’s Day Gifts

Maybe you haven’t considered that handmade baby quilts make first Father’s Day gifts, but there are at least four good reasons why they are.

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1. Most New Dads Need Recognition

Although the soon-to-be dad had a significant role in the baby-making process, it seems like most of the attention and excitement in the pre-birth period is focused on the mom and prenatal baby.

Unique handmade baby quilts for boys and girls are perfect opportunities to bring the expectant dad right into the circle of love and admiration that he’s probably been getting too little of.  A Father’s Day gift that signifies the bond between him and the new baby will be a beautiful token of your love and affection for them both.

2. You can choose a meaningful design.

Although he might not say so, the proud papa is probably dreaming of all the fun things he’s going to share with his new son or daughter.

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Instead of the bland, anybody’s baby designs on mass produced quilts, The Quilt Lady can offer you one-of-a-kind designs that dovetail with the new dad’s interests.  There are sports prints for the sports-loving dad, so that his new little one will be part of his passion right from the start.

First, it will bring the baby warmth and comfort in the crib, and later it can be a lap blanket for them to share while watching big games on TV.

If the dad loves his boat, there are sailboat designs and sea life themes to convey his hobby to the new little one. Dads strong on education will appreciate the learning possibilities of the quilts with numbers to play with, nursery rhymes to recite, garden critters to identify.

3. Handmade baby quilts last.

Every dad will appreciate the long-term happiness that quilts lovingly made by The Quilt Lady will deliver.  His sharp eye will detect how beautifully these quilts are made, all with the best quality materials and sturdiest techniques. His sharp mind will understand that this is no fly-by-night gift that will be outgrown or outmoded in a short time. He’ll realize that the unusual handmade baby quilt you chose just for him and his new child will last through years of laundering, rough baby play, and service in many places outside the crib.


Best of all, the handmade baby quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will be a future gift to this new child’s children, a cherished keepsake that will be handed down with love.

4. Personalizing makes handmade baby quilts extra special.

The Baby Quilt Lady has the ability to embroider the new baby’s name on the quilt, to make it an even more personal present for the dad to share with his new baby.  And if you act quickly, there might even be time to incorporate pieces of the dad’s favorite t-shirt into the quilt design, for an even more significant baby quilt.

This is your chance to ramp up the warmth and affection the dad might be getting too little of.  Surprise that expectant dad with a handmade baby quilt for his first Father’s Day gifts, he’ll be thrilled to get and happy to enjoy with his new baby for a long, long time.

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