5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Handmade Baby Quilt

You might think a quilt is a quilt, but there are 5 questions to ask before buying a handmade baby quilt.

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 Is it durable?

When you’re investing your hard-earned money in a special gift for a precious new baby, you want to feel sure that the baby quilt you’re considering is going to last.

If you ask about sturdiness you’ll learn that the baby quilts for boys and girls from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique have what it takes. That’s because The Baby Quilt Lady uses only the best quality threads and fabrics to put her quilts together. Not only that, but the techniques used to make the quilt are the ones that will result in the strongest product.

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Is it practical?

 Maybe you’re worrying that a crib blanket has a very short life span, but that’s just not so. The quilt you choose will go everywhere with the baby, keeping her warm in the car, the stroller or in her parents’ arms when the family is spending time outdoors.  The homemade baby quilt provides security to the traveling baby who needs to nap in a strange environment.

It’s also a great play mat for the baby’s playtime on the floor, and a snuggle blanket at story time. With so much use, it’s good to know that The Baby Quilt Lady’s handmade baby quilts will survive the washer and dryer for a very long time. So long in fact that the quilt can eventually be packed away and brought out as a cherished heirloom for the baby’s own babies.

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Is it safe?

Some quilt makers decorate their products with sewn-on bows and buttons. Such doodads might be pretty to look at, but they could pose a safety threat. Little children love to pull at things, and even good fastening can surrender to constant pressure. Once detached, those cute little buttons and bows could be swallowed.

The Baby Quilt Lady offers several ways to ensure the quilt you choose will be more meaningful to the family than anything else you could buy.

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First, she offers the opportunity to put the baby’s name in the design. Yes, the new baby’s name can be embroidered right onto the quilt. Then there’s your option to choose a motif that harmonizes with the family’s personality. Parents who love boating, fishing, gardening and learning will discover The Baby Quilt Lady’s huge supply of adorable prints that express those parental proclivities. And for the ultimate personalization, have a bit of the dad’s favorite t-shirt or the granddad’s favorite fishing shirt integrated into the design.

Is the Quilter Reliable?

If you’re buying a quilt off a store shelf, there’s no way for you to know who made it or to evaluate that maker, but if you are buying from The Baby Quilt Lady, you’ll be able to do just that. Ask how many baby quilts she’s made and does she have testimonials.

You’ll be able to ask if she uses hand-stitching, to give the quilt a more appealing, puffier look than the flatter machine-stitched alternatives. You can ask about the size, to be sure it’s not too big or too small. And you’ll be able to put your heads together to plan a one-of-a-kind baby quilt that will be treasured now and in the future.

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