Founding Fathers Loved Handmade Baby Quilts

Our founding fathers loved handmade baby quilts, a fact often overlooked when we celebrate the birth of our nation on July 4. We should recall that the architects of our great country were fans of the warmth and comfort handmade baby quilts for boys and girls provide. Here are five examples:

George Washington Had a Quilt on the Boat

george washington

They don’t show it in the paintings, but you can be sure the awesome general and first president didn’t take that nighttime ride across the frigid Delaware without a soft, cozy quilt around his shoulders.

If The Baby Quilt Lady had been around then, you can bet that George’s favorite quilt would have been designed with cherry trees and sailboats to represent significant moments in his life. That’s because handmade baby quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique are always designed to match the interests and personality of the little person who owns it.

Paul Revere Used Two Quilts

It was pretty chilly in Massachusetts, even in April, when Paul Revere took off on his midnight ride. You can be sure he had his hand-sewn baby quilt fastened around his shoulders, and you know his faithful horse had his own quilt to keep him warm and strong.

If The Baby Quilt Lady had sewn Paul’s quilt, she would have used the softest baby flannel and the best quality thread, so that the quilt would stand up to the rough ride of this heroic copper smith who galloped through Middlesex County sounding the alarm that the Brits were coming.  It’s the same technique she uses to create the rugged endurance her quilts need to withstand a baby’s rough play and modern-day laundering procedures.

John Adams Took his Quilt to France

john adams

John certainly would have loved the comfort of his very own quilt on that cold Atlantic voyage, and he would have cherished it even more when he took sick in a foreign land.

There’s nothing like something warm and familiar when a statesman or a baby has to be in a strange place. Since John was also a gentleman farmer, perhaps his quilt was designed with garden critters or animals.

John Hancock Had His Quilt Personalized

declaration of independence

 Everyone knows that John Hancock set great store by his signature, so he naturally had a quilt with his name embroidered into the design.

But you don’t have to be a Declaration of Independence signer to have a name put on a quilt, not if you contact The Baby Quilt Lady. She’ll embroider the new baby’s name right into the custom design you choose. And maybe with such an auspicious start, this little baby will one day have a signature as famous as Hancock’s.

Betsy Ross Sewed Her Own Custom Quilts

betsy ross flag

Those Pennsylvania houses were pretty drafty in colonial days, so Ms. Ross was no doubt swathed in a quilt while she was sewing the first American flag.

Though she did not have the benefit of the sophisticated sewing machine The Baby Quilt Lady has, she certainly was good with a needle. Perhaps her own quilt included stars and stripes in a different pattern than the flag’s. That’s a theme that might be adapted for baby quilts for your patriotic boys and girls of today.

Comfort, versatility, portability, and sturdiness were qualities our forefathers valued, and they are still valued today.

When you buy your precious little one a handmade baby quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, it comes with a venerable history and the promise of a glorious future.

Happy Fourth!

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