Choose Handmade Jungle Theme Baby Quilt for Boys and Girls

zoo and jungle animals

When you’re looking for something truly unique to bring to baby showers, handmade baby quilts with jungle motifs are ideal for boys and girls. Here’s why:

Animals Are Baby’s First Fictional Friends

Little babies just naturally love animals and are surrounded by them from their earliest days. They populate their baby books. The stuffed ones occupy the nursery and live in the crib. They’ll soon be eating cookies shaped like them.  And many decorate the clothes the new little ones wear to sleep and play. Now you can give the baby in your life an animal-theme quilt to cuddle with and relax with at nap time.

Every Quilt Is One-of-a-Kind

safari quilt

A quilter’s imagination knows no borders, so the paw prints, pelt patterns and animal designs can work in so many different, eye-pleasing ways that no two quilts are exactly alike.  This precious little baby will enjoy a piece of cloth art that’s especially made just for him or her.

A Jungle Theme Is Exotic

Handmade Baby Quilt. Jungle Animals, pink, white and grey quilt

When you choose a jungle animal theme for the handmade baby quilt you’re buying, you’ll give your dear little one an introduction to the exotic. Oh, sure, the kitties and doggies that are part of  many baby designs are cute, but their real-life counterparts are around every day in the park or the neighborhood. Adorable elephants, lions and giraffes, aren’t so readily accessible in real life, however. That requires an expedition to a well-stocked zoo or a TV nature show.

Jungle Animals Make Charming Quilts For Boys and Girls

New little boys and girls will love to snuggle with whimsical lions, tigers, giraffes and monkeys frolicking in a design that includes animal hide patterns and coordinating fabrics.  But if the color palette of a bold jungle quilt seems too vibrant for the sweet little miss on the way, you can select a jungle animal motif executed in the softest pinks and whites. The giraffes and elephants and zebras are still there in profusion to tickle the imagination for your new baby girl, but this time the gentle colors convey the jungle mood in a more tranquil, feminine way.

Personalized Jungle Quilts Are Extra-Special

Personalized Jungle Animals
Personalized Baby Quilts

Not only can you choose a jungle animal theme from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, but you can also have Sharon, the Baby Quilt Lady, integrate the baby’s name or initials into the design. No store-bought quilt offers that opportunity. A personalized handmade jungle theme baby quilt stands out at the shower from all the depersonalized gifts likely to be there.

Quality Gives Your Quilt Keepsake Potential

Once you’ve chosen a jungle animal design for your baby quilt, you need to know that it will be assembled with top quality materials and the most durable sewing techniques. That makes the personalized baby quilt you pick tough as a rhino as it goes through all the washings and dryings that will be necessary. When this baby is ready to put the quilt away, his or her babies will enjoy it later on. And it won’t take an elephant’s memory to remember that you were the giver of this wonderful gift.

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