Keepsake Handmade Baby Quilt with a Dance Theme

pink ballet quilt

Jump-start the dance life of your favorite newborn with a keepsake handmade quilt made with ballet slippers.

This is just the unusual design you’ve been waiting for: Something different from the usual prints on homemade baby quilts for boys and girls. Saucy ballet slippers, arranged in one-of-a-kind designs will have the newest little twinkle-toes in the family whirling and twirling from the get-go.

Dancing Shoes Are a Crowd Pleaser

This dance theme print is sure to please not only the baby, but all the members of the family. Perhaps Mom and Dad love to go out on Saturday night and shake a leg. Maybe Sis is already taking ballet classes.  Or perhaps Granny and Grandpa were always light on their feet. How nice to have the newest member of the clan fit right into the family lifestyle right from the crib.

ballet baby quilt

It’s a One-of-Kind

Take the Quilt on the Road

The really great thing is that this keepsake handmade baby quilt you buy will be like no other.  A good imagination is a staple in the tool box of every good quilter, along with expert sewing skills and the ability to transfer great creative ideas into eye-pleasing cloth art. No two quilts are exactly alike, so the one you bring to the shower with those cute little dancing shoes will be truly unique. And isn’t a gift giver’s prime goal to bring something extraordinary?

The ballet slipper quilt you choose will debut in the nursery, but its versatility will have it making appearances at many different venues. When the little one is visiting family, friends and relatives, it’s a handy source of climate control in chilly rooms. When it’s time for a walk in the park, the ballet slipper quilt will keep the carriage occupant toasty warm. And should the weather be warm enough for some lingering on the lawn, the slippered quilt makes a sturdy mat for the baby’s protection against wet grass and creepy crawly things.

 Famous Dancers Inspire

A custom homemade baby quilt with a ballet slipper design can also be the source of wonderful stories for the baby who owns it.  Moms and dads can tell the tales of the famous ballet dancers who have earned world acclaim. Tallchief, Pavlova, Nureyev, Balanchine and Baryshnikov are a few. Teaching the little one about those dramatic lives might ignite an interest in following in their famous pirouettes and jetés. Maybe there’s a Leslie Caron or a Gene Kelly just waiting to start dancing.

Teach the Dance Tradition

Let’s not forget that successful dancers won the spotlight after years of hard work and discipline. The little ballet slippers dancing merrily across a handmade baby quilt may represent the joy of graceful body movement, but they also stand for focus and dedication just what the little ones need to learn.

And Then There’s the Encore

The keepsake handmade baby quilt you select will have a long run in this baby’s life because it has been made so well.  The soft baby flannel and quality batting have been meticulously stitched and bound to hold together through countless trips through the washer and dryer.  A baby might give a quilt a lot of tough love, but this handmade quilt for girls has been made to take it. When the quilt with the happy dancing shoes has finally been retired, there’s a comeback in its future when it returns to bring joy to the next generation.

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