Baby Quilt Lady Personalized Handmade Baby Quilts

If you’ve already made the smart decision to bring a handmade baby quilt to the shower, double down on that wisdom by choosing a personalized baby quilt.

Handmade Baby Quilt Personalized Lady Bug, pink and brown quilt

Maybe you didn’t realize that there are personalized baby quilts for sale. Maybe you thought your only option was a store-bought impersonal quilt. Not so. The Baby Quilt Lady has many personalized baby quilt ideas that will make the quilt you choose unique. Here are just a few:

Put the baby’s name in the quilt design

Personalized Animal I Spy Baby Quilt

 Integrating the baby’s name in the quilt design sets it far and above the usual baby shower gifts that are store-bought and mass-produced and lacking in any personal connection to the babies who will own them. Mom and Dad thought long and hard about the name their newborn would carry throughout his lifetime. Now you can celebrate that choice by having the baby’s name embroidered into the quilt in a small, subtle way, if you wish, or bigger and bolder, if that suits better.  And you get to choose whether you’d like the remaining design created in pink or blue or any other color.

Choose Fabric that Meshes with the Family Lifestyle

The Baby Quilt Lady is relentless in her search for adorable prints that she can fashion into one-of-a-kind baby quilts for the newborn in your life. Her inventory of irresistible, super-soft baby flannel prints contains dozens of themes that dovetail with the personality of the new baby’s parents or the lifestyle they lead.  For example, the camping family would be thrilled with a quilt with a forest motif and denim trim. If there are teachers in the house, the design with numbers or letters would be a sure hit, not only because its personality enlivens the nursery, but because it can become their baby’s first learning tool. And should they be dancers, the dancing shoe fabric is ideal.

Use Clothes for Ultra-personal Baby Quilts

Wouldn’t it be great if that brand-new little girl could cuddle in her crib next to something of her grandma’s?  She can, if you will send the Baby Quilt Lady items that belong or belonged to loved ones. Perhaps she’ll be hearing stories about wonderful Uncle Jack, but they will be so much more meaningful if pieces of his favorite flannel shirt are right there, sewn in the quilt she’s hugging.

“I Spy” Designs Are a Personalizing Bonanza

The Baby Quilt Lady has unique ideas for combining many personal components in one spectacular patchwork design for boys and girls. In the  “I Spy” design there are matching patches arranged separately throughout the quilt so that the baby can search to find the pairs. Here is a grand opportunity to personalize, because two of the patches could be the baby’s name while others could be clothes of loved ones. Still other patches could represent the family’s interests with sailboats, fish, garden critters, flowers, football helmets and loads of other possibilities.

When you want to give baby gifts that are not only beautiful and useful, but are also meaningful, buy personalized handmade baby quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique.

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