Handmade Baby Quilts Have Smile Power

The new baby in the house is a source of boundless joy, but every once in a while, when situations get a bit gloomy, handmade baby quilts for boys and girls could be just the ticket to bring back the sunshine.

Mom Will Cheer Up

Mom couldn’t help but smile when she looked at the baby quilt you brought to the shower, covered with cute little lady bugs and harmonizing prints. Now, it’s her smile-maker all the time. So what if the little one just won’t be consoled? So what if she refuses to nap? Just when Mom is feeling kind of overwhelmed with babyhood stress, she only has to look at those cheerful little lady bugs cavorting on the quilt you bought, and her mood just has to brighten.

Dad Will Beam

Dad can’t help but smile at the upbeat design of cars and trucks on the unique baby quilt you chose for his newborn son. He’s chuckling at the baby-friendly pattern of eye-pleasing vehicles that will amuse his new baby in his early days and spark a shared interest in road adventures as the boy grows older. Dad can’t help but grin when he looks at all the fish swimming on the homemade baby quilt you chose. He’ll be counting the days until he can take his boy down to the dock and make the sea world come alive for his son.

Grandma Will Be Delighted

 Grandma will be smiling every time she sees her new grand baby cuddling with a handmade quilt that has incorporated clothing from members of the family.  Grandmas value tradition, and they appreciate this artful way to teach the baby about loved ones in the family that may no longer be here, or may be too far away to have a presence in the baby’s life. A favorite pair of jeans or a comfy flannel shirt sewn into a one-of-a-kind arrangement will elate all members of the family, and especially Grandma.

Grandpa Will Be Happy

Grandpa is all smiles because the handmade baby quilt you selected is going to be a valued keepsake. Grandpa likes to collect old things. He appreciates something from the past that still has value in the present, so’s he’s really happy that the homemade baby quilt you gave his new grandson is going to last  not only through this child’s childhood, but will be cherished by this little baby’s babies in years to come. He knows that his hands won’t be holding those children, but his hands will have held their mom when the quit was hers.

Baby Will Be Joyous

Baby will be the happiest of all when she starts feeling grumpy and her mom starts telling stories about the jolly whales or monkeys on her handmade quilt. It’s not always sunshine and lollipops in the strange world she’s getting used to, so her happy little cloth friends are a good way to chase away the blues and bring back the smiles. That super-soft baby flannel baby quilt can always make things seem better with its snuggliness, but those cute jungle animals or perky penguins add an extra boost of happiness when it’s needed most.

You’ll Be More Than Pleased

You’ll be smiling big when your gift of a handmade baby quilt is the hit of the shower and every time thereafter when you think about how much pleasure it will always bring  to the new baby and all the family.Handmade baby quilts

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