Space-theme Baby Quilt Will Send Them over the Moon

Rev up the imagination of the future astronaut in your life with a handmade baby quilt in an outer space design.

Yes, you can forget about the cliché flowers and animals that populate conventional designs. Your new little bundle of joy is an exceptional being that deserves a quilt with an extraordinary look. The shower gift you choose for the new arrival should transcend the ordinary and earn raves from everyone who sees it.

Equally important, rockets, comets, planets and stars come together in a homemade quilt that might start the newborn thinking of the future ahead. The astral components work together in a unique design that’ll delight the lucky baby who snuggles with it and fascinate the family who comes in contact with it.

This Cloth Art Quilt Teaches

Not only will the littlest baby love the comfort of an space-theme baby quilt, but the older baby will start to learn about planets and stars and comets and the world beyond the home, right in the nursery.  Space-theme baby quilt can give rise to limitless stories about stars, constellations, planets and rocketry. And an early introduction to the heavens could launch a life-long affinity for the off-earth community.

stars in space quilt

The Assembly Is Super Strong

Just think, the theme might be heavenly for these unique baby quilts for boys and girls, but the assembly protocol is definitely down to earth.  The Baby Quilt Lady uses only the softest baby flannel and top quality thread for the construction. The sturdiest stitching and toughest binding methods supply the kind of ruggedness that ensures your homemade baby quilt has safe passage through countless washing and drying runs.

stars in space quilt

 Take it anywhere. It Goes the Distance

The space-theme baby quilt is engineered to endure all the rigors of babyhood. Tuck it around the baby for carriage rides in the park, and it will retain its original shape. Pack it up for the extra cool environment of Granny’s house, and it will stay the same. When the baby starts dragging it around the house as a comforting companion, it will not disappoint. When it’s needed as a play mat on the floor, the baby quilt will stand up to plenty of sit-down activity, keeping the child protected from the floor, and vice versa.

It’s a Keepsake

All things considered, quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique have additional value as keepsakes. Once this baby has outgrown the quilt, it can be safely stored until the baby has children. Now this wonderful gift can come out of its box and launch the outer space imaginings of a new generation.

 You want to give a gift that’s out of this world?  This is it.

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