Monkeying Around on a Baby Quilt

handmade baby quilts
Monkey See, Monkey Do

 Making a baby quilt is  not only my passion but a very satisfying experience when I have the opportunity to see the baby enjoy the cuddling with, playing on, or just spending quality hugging time with someone who loves them.

Little Eloise’s aunt, Maureen,  bought a baby quilt for her from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, now this 14 month old enjoys her floor time on a soft quilt with her favorite animal, the monkey, to play on.

Children need to be free to explore on the floor, but on a safe and clean environment.  Babies need to crawl and exercise those little arms and legs but not the carpets and floors were people just walked with dirty shoes.  Look at Eloise.   She has a clean, imaginative, baby quilt to play on instead of the cold hard floor.

When I design a baby quilt and start to choose the fabrics, each one is uniquely chosen not with any one specific child in mind  As a mother of 4, a grandmother, and a teacher for almost 40 years, I have enjoyed being around young children, so their inspiration over the years has given me ideas for my baby quilts.

I appreciate Little Eloise and her Aunt Maureen take the time to say, “Thank you,” for making her baby quilt and send the lovely photos for me to share.

Have fun Monkeying around on your baby quilt, Eloise.

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