Handmade Baby Quilts with Frogs Please Boys and Girls

Frogs have always been celebrities away from the swamp, so they’re natural stars on handmade baby quilts for boys and girls.

Back in the day, it was Mr. Toad in “The Wind and the Willows” who had fame beyond the lily pad. Now, Kermit is a media superstar, and dozens of frog characters populate comic books, movies and video games. Also quilts designed by The Quilt Lady to delight the tiniest tadpoles in the nursery.

Variety of Designs Available

Those affable amphibians can appear on handmade baby quilts in so many different ways that no two are exactly alike. Paired with coordinating prints and patterns, all in the softest baby flannel, the lovable leapers will delight the baby who will cuddle with it and the family who’ll enjoy its pleasing design. Maybe the frogs will dominate the design, or maybe they’ll be part of a colorful patchwork motif.

Frog Quilts Beat Real Frogs’ Longevity

Frogs and toads, depending on the type, might be around for as long as 15 years. But The Baby Quilt Lady’s super-strong baby quilts could have a lifespan even longer. First, there’s the choice of components – always top quality fabrics and highest grade threads. Then there’s the method of assembly – always the most meticulous stitching and sturdiest binding. Fabrics are pre-washed, so no surprises occur when the frog quilt goes for swim after swim in the washing machine.  That means that quilt frogs will retain their youthful look while the baby snuggles with it as an infant, cuddles within the car and uses it for a comfy play mat when there’s playing to be done on the floor.

Frogs Have Unisex Appeal

A frog is not associated exclusively with boys or girls, so a unique homemade baby quilt with a frog print is appropriate for either gender. Boys have traditionally hidden frogs in their pockets to pull out and terrorize females.  Girls may see them as garden neighbors or fictional friends. This unisex feature is a valuable asset when you want a spectacular shower gift for a couple who wishes to learn their baby’s sex at birth. It’s also a plus when parents want to keep the quilt as a keepsake for this baby’s babies in the future. Maybe she’ll have sons. Maybe he’ll have daughters.

Personalized Quilts Add Oomph.

The droll frogs on the handmade baby quilt might have the spotlight, but the baby will be a strong co-star when you choose to have his or her name integrated into the design. Choose something as subtle as initials or as bold as big letters, as you see fit. Go ahead – the frogs won’t mind.

Because the unusual baby quilts of Unique Baby Quilt Boutique are all handmade in this country, you have the unique opportunity to create a design tailor-made for the precious baby in your life.  Take a look. You won’t need a leap of faith to get it.

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