Handmade Baby Quilt Shower Gifts Are Great Investments

If you’re looking on-line at gorgeous homemade baby quilts, but the cost seems steep, think of all the good things your dollars will buy.

stars in space quilt

Handmade Baby Quilts are Shower Show Stoppers

Isn’t it worth a little extra to bring the gift that wows the crowd? No outfit or baby apparatus can arouse the awe that a hand-crafted baby quilt can when the mom-to-be opens the box and its beauty is revealed.  Everyone will recognize the quality of the unique quilt you chose and appreciate your savvy in selecting the one-of-kind design.

Your Gift Lasts While Others Won’t

Sure, a cute little outfit costs less, but babies grow so quickly that gift clothes might be worn just a few times. If you’ve miscalculated the size, the sun suits won’t fit until December, or the sweater will only work in July. A baby’s needs change as quickly as his body growth, so a swing or walker are used today, gone tomorrow.  But the handmade baby quilt that baby has loved from her earliest days in the crib will be part of a long relationship.

frog and quilt

First it’s a source of warmth and security in her crib. Later it’s a comforting take-along when she’s out and about. It’s a play mat for the toddler and a lap blanket at story time. And maybe it’s a shoulder hugger when a dad and his son cozy down to watch TV.

The Homemade Baby Quilt Is a Teaching Tool

There’s not much education potential in a pair of corduroy overalls, but there are plenty of learning opportunities in a unique handmade baby quilt. Should you choose a design with letters or numbers, that little one can start learning as soon as Mom and Dad want to start the introductions. There are patchwork themes with match-me patterns that help babies with all sorts of recognition. And sailboat and sea life prints are the groundwork for countless lessons and stories.

Baby Quilts Are the Most Personal Presents

You can match the design to the family’s lifestyle. Lady bugs and butterflies for the gardeners and outdoorsy families; sailboats for the sailors; fish for the fishing enthusiasts, or denim for campers. You can have the baby’s name or initials embroidered into the quilt.  And if there’s a clothing item from a departed loved one available, the Baby Quilt Lady might integrate it into her design.

Personalized Jungle Animals
Personalized Baby Quilts

Lots of Sentiment Goes into Every Stitch

Pulses don’t race at the sight of a stroller, but hearts will beat a little faster when the full impact of unique personalized handmade baby quilt shower gifts are realized by all who see them. A handmade baby quilt you chose was assembled by the Baby Quilt Lady with love and care and pride to last for a very long time.

Handmade Baby Quilt, Personalized Animal I Spy, Personalized Baby Quilt
Personalized Quilts

You picked a pattern in sync with the family’s character, and you included the new baby’s name. This is an extraordinary gift, meant to give pleasure to this child for many years and then to serve as an heirloom treasure for this child’s children.

How much is too much for a baby shower gift like that?

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