Handmade Baby Quilts Are Double Pleasure for Twins

twin quilts

When two new babies are about to come into the world,  It’s your chance to bring something that’s very much the same, but definitely not alike.

Identical Format, Different Design

Naturally you want each child to have a gift of equal charm and appeal, but you also want to salute each child’s individuality.  That where The Baby Quilt Lady’s customizing opportunity satisfies your requirement.

Suppose you decide on a patchwork design with an “I Spy” feature. That means that there are matching pairs of animals or flowers or cloud prints scattered throughout the design. It’s fun for babies to search for the matches on their quilts.  For twins, the concept is the same, and the color scheme can be the same, but the fabrics might be different.   If the twosome are the same sex, similar colors are adorable, but if there’s one of each, the theme might be the same while the colors vary.

Personalizing Makes Your Gifts Distinctive

If you fall in love with one particular quilt design that you want for both babies, you can differentiate them by having their names included in the quilts. That way each child can enjoy the delightful theme you selected, but there’ll be no confusion as to which quilt belongs to whom.

Every Quilt Is One-Of-A-Kind

Suppose you’d like the quilts to incorporate Grandpa’s old fishing shirt or Aunt Vi’s favorite blouse. The Baby Quilt Lady can do that, and she can do it in such a way that each quilt will look quite different than its teammate. No two quilts from the Unique Baby Quilt Boutique are ever exactly alike, and when two will be in the same household, the variation can be significant.

Personalized Animal I Spy Baby Quilt

Styles Vary, But Not Workmanship

You may not want the same look for both quilts, but what you do want is the same exact precision in the way each one is made. The experienced hand of the Baby Quilt Lady will deliver sturdy quilts made from the finest materials and sewn with the best techniques to make them last.

Meticulous stitching and strong bindings are important on these handmade baby quilts for twins, because that brand-new double act is going to give them plenty of rough use in the cribs, car seats, carriages and playpens in their early months and as play mats as they get older.

Handmade Baby Quilts for Twins Do Double Duty as Heirlooms

Because these washable and dryer-safe quilts are made so well, each twin will be able to cuddle with it for years, enjoy it as a source for learning and story-telling, and then keep it tucked away until his and her children come into the world.

Unique handmade baby quilts for twins can be different in design, but they are all the same when it comes to their quality construction and the instant hit they make with the lucky families who get them.

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