A Baby Quilt – Gotta Love Those Monkeys

Monkey fabric was my choice for my lastest  baby quilt.  As I sat and finished the binding, I thought of those monkeys.

Quilters often spend their time in solitude.  I mean that they sew and quilt in their own homes or in their sewing rooms, when they are by themselves or alone. This gives the quilter, plenty of time to contemplate or think about quilting.  I am sure this has happened more than once to many of you.  You pick up that fabric and start to daydream about …

Monkey Business baby quilt

Well here I sit yesterday in my sewing room working on the last of the binding for my newest baby quilt.  The main fabric I chose has a design of monkeys, so I my thoughts are on the new movie that I have seen advertised, “Return to the Planet of the Apes.”  Jungles and environments are coming to mind where these primates live currently, and these and many more thoughts ramble through my brain as my fingers stitch the binding careful to the quilt.

Now as we all do as quilters, I am sitting under a quilt.  Plus to add to the situation, I live in South Florida, but it feels warmer than just the quilt.  Beads of perspiration seem to form as my needle as the stitches across the row of this yellow and brown baby quilt.  It is not just the quilt, I feel so I go for a glass of water to help cool myself down.  Thinking about steamy jungle scenes must have made me warm.

But as I passed my home air conditioning gauge, I could see that it was indeed set at it usual mark, but the temperature inside the house was over ten degrees hotter than usual.  It was instant shock that the monkey baby quilt and my own jungle thoughts were not the only things warming up the sewing room.

With a few quick checks, it was time to call the air conditioning repair man.  Unfortunately, being Sunday night, I was destined to not only finish my monkey baby quilt binding in the jungle type heat and humidity of the South Florida but I was going to find out how they slept in that environment too.

As I put the last stitches on the binding of that baby quilt, still thinking of those monkeys in the jungle, one last thought can to mind.   My monkeys on my baby quilt and I will at least have a fan tonight!

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