Handmade Baby Quilts for Twins

You know how hard it is to select or make a choice of baby quilts for your shower gift or the mother-to-be.  There are all types of materials and all patterns to choose from, like 100% cotton that keep your baby snuggly warm or the pretty pastels of blue, pink, yellow and green.

Cotton Candy for Girls baby quilts

Of all the choices of baby quilts, making a selection that is just right could take hours on the Internet, and to top it off, you just found out the mother-to-be is having twins!  Yikes, you now need to find two baby quilts that are either alike or similar.    I understand what you going through and I have some great tips on how to find the perfect baby quilts for the twins.

Cotton Candy for Boys baby quilts

Time is always a factor these days.  So if you are like me, you don’t have much to waste searching the many sites looking for two baby quilts that are alike for the twins.

I have twin cousins, two friends with twins, and another on the way.  Being a quilter, I was able to make the baby shower gifts for these mothers-to-be, but then I had questions from everyone at the shower asking where could they find two baby quilts alike.

Let me give you some great advice on how to find those great handmade baby quilts for twins:

  1. Many times a quilt site will have two baby quilts that are the exact same pattern but are different colors.  Try this option.  If the twins are a boy and a girl, look for either pinks or blues or try for either of the yellows and green combinations.  Many times a quilter will design many baby quilts using a single pattern but change the color.
  2. Try looking for the same color combinations and fabric but don’t worry if the pattern is different.  Often a quilter will purchase fabric in quantities and from that amount create many quilts with the same fabrics and color combinations but will change the patterns and designs.  This will give you an excellent opportunity for baby quilts for twin girls or boys, since the colors will match but each will have their unique design to identify with.
  3. I know of all the baby quilts on the Internet, you have found just the one you want and there is ONLY one.   There is always an e-mail address of the quilter attached to the website.  If this baby quilt was made once, and you ask nicely, the quilter just might make a matching set.
  4. The last and final option does exist, but there are baby quilts that have an exact duplicate if you want two to match.  I do not mean that you have to purchase from a department store that has hundreds from a catalog.  Many quilters do like to recreate their baby quilts, so if you only see one on the website, again an e-mail to the quilter might just land you a surprise that there is an exact match in her inventory.

Now, enjoy shopping for baby quilts for the baby shower gift or the mother-to-be.

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