Handmade Baby Quilts for Girls Are Shower Power

There’ll be lots of frilly dresses that blur into a sea of ho-hum pastels when the shower gifts are opened.

The handmade baby quilt you bought will stand out from all the rest like a brightly colored wildflower in a field of weeds. There are three good reasons why.

blue print wheelchair quilt

It’s As Personal As You Can Get

Your hand-crafted baby quilt can be tailored to the individuality of the special little girl who will enjoy it. If she’s going to grow up in a family of teachers, a quilt with a pattern of cheery numbers might be just the one to get her mind moving in academic directions. Or maybe she’d like the puzzle power of a match-me patchwork design. And if her parents love to garden, there are adorable lady bug and flower designs to cultivate her interest in horticulture.

There are no gender barriers when it comes to quilts and little girls, so if her family loves camping, a denim-trimmed quilt is perfectly apropos.  If she’s destined for an outer-space career, the rocket-ship motif will be inspirational. And should you want to have her name or her initials integrated into the design, the quilter can comply. No mass-produced, foreign-made, store-bought quilt can match that.

Homemade Baby Quilts for Girls Are Cloth Art

When you buy a homemade baby quilt, you are choosing a one-of-a kind creation that a skillful quilter has lovingly designed. Quilt-makers take great pride in using their powers of imagination and creativity to assemble a unique artwork in every quilt they produce. The one you choose for your precious little girl will be like no other, so there’s no danger of seeing a duplicate at the baby shower and there’s no chance some other baby will be covered by the same quilt when the carriages roll in the park.

rose baby quilt

A Handmade Baby Quilt Lasts a Lifetime

Most of the gifts at the shower with have time clocks already ticking. Those tiny infant outfits that look so cute on the rack will only last a short time in the closet of your little miss before her growing body makes them obsolete. Then there’s the baby gear – those bouncers and swings – that are right for just a little while and then must be discarded in a heap on the closet floor.

But the sturdy  baby quilt that comforted the new arrival when she came into the world will serve to warm and cuddle her in her crib, travel with her in her car seat, protect her as a play mat on the floor and be a lap blanket at story time for as long as she likes. Even when she puts her beloved baby quilt away, the separation is only temporary. That well-made baby quilt you chose for her will have a new life when her own little children come along.

So when you’re making the decision as to what gift will shine the brightest at the baby shower and mean the most in that new little girl’s life think about the temporary pleasures of mass-produced, store-bought items and think about the life-long value of a handmade baby quilt. You’ll know what to do.

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