Handmade Baby Quilts for Boys Are Ideal Shower Gifts

When it comes to the perfect shower gift for that new little boy who’s about to arrive, a handmade baby quilt is as good as it gets, and here’s why:

The Designs Are Perfect for the Male Personality

soccer and baseball quilt

Some girls like them, too, but there are certain themes we just naturally associate with boys, and hand-sewn baby quilts have so many to choose from. For instance, there’s a transportation design with cars and trains and trucks that will delight the youngest laddie who loves wheels. 

And there’s a football pattern guaranteed to please the littlest fan with pro ball proclivities. Should the new arrival find himself in a family who loves boats, the sailboat motif is a great way to launch his maritime experience.  There are jungle animals for the future safari leader, rockets for the astronaut and cowboy prints for the Wild West fancier.

Handmade Baby Quilts Stand Up to Boy-Play

Sure there are girls who like the rough-and-tumble, but generally its members of the masculine gender who are tougher on clothes and playthings. But you won’t have to worry about the integrity of the hand-crafted baby quilt you buy, because it’s been sewn by an expert quilter to last. Choosing the proper thread and the best quality baby flannels are the first steps. Then there’s pre-washing, careful assembly and stitching. And finally there’s the right binding to ensure that the whole thing hangs together and stays together. Boys will be boys, and their homemade quilts will meet the challenge.

grand prix baby quilt

Boys Deserve the Wow Factor

It doesn’t seem fair, but most of the presents destined for new little girls are just so adorable, while boys’ gifts are often a tad underwhelming.  Frilly dresses and beautiful dolls always outshine baby-blue overalls. Ah, but that’s not the case when the box is opened and that gorgeous baby quilt, with seascapes or circus scenes or sports art is revealed. Here is the moment when that little guy’s gift will be seen by all as extra-special, when everyone knows that his crib coverlet is every bit as imaginative and personalized as those of his feminine contemporaries.

handmade baby quilts

Boys Can Be Sensitive, Too

 A handmade baby quilt that is sewn with a loved one’s clothing will be treasured as much by a boy as a girl. Perhaps boys won’t show their feelings or articulate them as often as their sisters might, but when a little boy knows that the quilt he cuddles with is made with his grand-dad’s favorite flannel shirt, or his dad’s favorite t-shirt, he’ll love it all the more.

Your Shower Gift Makes a Lasting Impression

Unique handmade baby quilts for boys will be an impressive gift now and forever. First it will shine at the baby shower as a thoughtful and extraordinary gift. It will amaze the family as it stays with the child from his crib through his play days as a source of warmth and comfort and security. And then his children will be wowed when Daddy’s quilt comes out of its box to make them feel warm and special and loved.

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