Buy Handmade Baby Quilts for All the Future Presidents

We celebrate our greatest presidents in February, but the next great presidents are arriving every day, and you can mark these events with unique handmade baby quilts for boys and girls.

Now there is no published research on the topic, but it’s almost a certainty that Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln had handmade quilts in their childhood, and that’s what helped make them great.

Now picture George, taking comfort with his favorite quilt after that unhappy situation with the cherry tree.  And think of Abe, reading by candlelight in his drafty cabin and enjoying the warmth of his own homemade quilt.

george washington

Great presidents develop their confidence right in their cradles, when they are soothed and made safe by a soft, warm quilt lovingly sewn by a grandma or a mom, or handed down from a loved one from another generation.

You can provide that new little baby in your life with a presidential beginning by choosing a hand-crafted baby quilt just right for him or her.

Foster the Feeling of Self-Worth

As your dear little one begins to comprehend her world, she can understand that you have provided her with a source of constant comfort and snuggly pleasure. No one outgrows loving the feel-good sensation of cuddling with something soft and warm and safe. She’ll be able to take her quilt with her to strange new places and always feel sure that she has something safe and familiar to cling to.

Ignite the Fires of Creativity

Makers of baby quilts for boys and girls have unique patterns that stimulate little brains to use their potential. For example, the patterns with brightly-colored numbers could inspire an affinity for economics and an appreciation of a balanced budget. The “match-me” patchwork quilt might develop the brain function needed for the switcheroo world of foreign diplomacy. Choose a , and you’re apt to nurture a fleet commander. Pick a floral motif for the future head of an eco-corporation.

Establish a Love of Family Values

The lucky little baby who grows up with a handmade baby quilt will come to understand that in some ways it represents our country. The colonists sewed quilts from scraps to cover their windows and doors as well as their beds. They used what they had to meet the challenges of their new environment. Quilts were handed down in families from our country’s birth, both as an economic measure and as a loving way to cherish the history of one generation by another.  The unusual homemade baby quilts made today continue that tradition and foster an appreciation of the past.

Nurture the Quest for Excellence

World leaders learn early to understand the importance of a job well done. Their handmade baby quilts could be their first example. Assembled with soft baby flannel and pre-washed to prevent shrinkage, they are skillfully sewn by experienced quilters to remain unscathed though countless machine washings and dryings.  The child will see toys break and clothes wilt, but the baby quilt will soldier on intact.

handmade baby quilt, blue and yellow print, duck print
Cool Blue and Duckie

As that baby shower approaches and you’re wracking your brain for memorable gifts, to remember buy handmade baby quilts. They will warm and comfort the baby, and they might help produce a latter-day captain of industry or a future commander in chief.

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