Waiting For the New Baby Quilt to Arrive

ABC for girls baby quilt

I can remember those long last days waiting for a new baby to arrive.  Wait – I meant baby quilt!

 Each new baby quilt that comes off the design wall, slides under the presser foot of my sewing machine, and is ready for me to hand quilt makes me just as nervous.   Just like the expectant parents, who check to make sure that all is ready.   Here are my listing that I check and recheck to be sure that my new baby quilts are just perfect.

1.  Choosing the fabric for the baby quilt can be one of the most challenging and exciting tasks facing the quilter or one of the most frustrating.  Color choices can indeed determine the overall success of your baby quilt because it can either be alive and sparkle with its color or be dull, drab and boring due to the lack of it.

2.  Be sure to prewash all fabric for the baby quilt, tumble dry and iron prior to cutting.

3.  Be sure to sew exactly ¼ “ seams from edge to edge.  If possible, keep the straight of the grain on the outside edges of the baby quilt section.

4.  Press the seams in what is called “opposing seams.”  This pressing of the seams in opposite directions allows the matching of the points or corners and always pin the points of matching prior to sewing of your baby quilt.

5.  When quilting by hand, since the stitches create the design for your baby quilt, it is important that each one be made carefully.  A simple running stitch is used, though the size differs from one quilter to another in the number of stitches to an inch, it is more important that each stitch be uniform in length.  Usually a 5 – 8 stitch per inch is considered to be pleasing and attractive hand quilting of your baby quilt.

Now breathe and take your first steps carefully with your newborn, a baby quilt.

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