Baby Quilt Design – Grandma’s Advice

grandma's advice on quilt design

Another new day is an opportunity for Mother Nature to turn her colors back on. For Grandma that means designing a baby quilt.

There is an endless variety of color and fabric choices available to quilters.  Grandma’s advice will lead you to mix and match, blend and complement the colors and fabrics that will best fit your baby quilt pattern.

Grandma always said that having a choice is good, so don’t be afraid to experiment and improvise when choosing colors for your baby quilt.

Grandma’s suggestion number one is that in order to employ color correctly, you should understand how it is formed in a baby quilt.  Color dissected into its parts is important.  Grandma believed that you should be able to see the hue or hues it contains or its value and intensity.  When it comes to choosing or combining hues for your baby, it will be easier if these values vary.

Tip number two actually manifests itself  everyday yet tracked to three colors – red, yellow and blue.  These are the primary colors combined to create the secondary colors of orange, green and purple and are perfect for a baby quilt.  From this point the variations are limitless.  Changers are also formed by adding intensity, which is brightness or dullness or value, also known as lightness or darkness.  Grandma’s advice is to piece a simplistic design with bright colors in each baby quilt that you make.  Or if you like the “Country Look,” Grandma’s favorite, when you make a baby quilt, combines bright rich color combinations and put them on a dull, warm, gray background.

Grandma was so wise –  it is time check out colors for my next baby quilt.

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