Making a Baby Quilt – Grandma’s Advice on Color

grandma's advice on color

Grandma was always right on her secret advice for use of color in a baby quilt, so here is Grandma’s Color Advice for Baby Quilts.

Her first tip involves the use of complimentary colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.  For example, combinations of red and green, yellow and purple, or blue and orange fall into this color pattern.  Grandma’s advice is to take a break from using the same color palette and purchase special baby quilt fabrics from across the color wheel.   Ask shop owners and their employees to help you to pick colors for your next baby quilt, they will have ideas different from your usual choice of colors schemes.

Grandma’s next color tip for a baby quilt urges you to avoid the use of equal amounts of color while planning a color scheme.  Choose a basic color and add small amount of the other hues to the baby quilt.  Grandma’s advice is to save the bright colored fabrics for the smaller areas and the neutral or darker colors for the larger spaces.  This might be a good time to refresh your stash.  Sort your fabrics by color and value and find what you are missing, then make a shopping list.  A new and exciting fabric for your next baby quilt just might emerge.

color advice for quilts

The last tip on color is to create samples of the color patterns that you plan to put together in your baby quilt.  Grandma believes that a decision in overlap the samples and planning the scheme for your baby quilt will be time well spent.   Grandma suggests that you should take a break from your project, go for a walk, go out and come back, then take a fresh look.   Sometimes even taking the fabrics into a different lighting source will give you another viewpoint.

Smart lady – my Grandma.

Time to take Grandma’s advice and work on my new baby quilt that uses a bright new color and fabric.

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