The Birth of a New Baby Quilt

Time to sew on a new baby quilt.

Just like the birth of a new baby, the birth of a new quilt is an exciting time.  There are some important facts to consider before the materials says hello to your machine and a quilt starts to form.

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1. Choosing a color for your quilt is a personal preference.  Use a color wheel to pick colors that either compliment the room in which the quilt will be kept or if you are making a baby quilt, design the quilt to fit the new baby or keep soft pastels that would be perfect for any nursery décor.

2. How much fabric should you purchase depends on the pattern that is chosen for the quilt. .  Yardage amounts will be listed on each.  If you intend to enlarge the baby quilt, increase the size of the borders or add additional borders.  If the baby quilt is too large, reduce the size or numbers of borders.

3.  Cotton batting is traditional, but polyester batting is much more common for a baby quilt and easier to care for.  Depending on whether you plan to hand quilt or machine quilt, choose the batting right for your next baby quilt.

4. Since you want your quilt to stand the test of time, always select the best-quality thread.  Cotton thread is the best, but often time’s cotton-covered polyester thread is much more readily available and works just as well.   If you are sewing the pieces by machine or machine quilting, use needles # 14 or #16.   If you plan to hand quilt, a needle # 7 or # 8 is perfect.

5. Keep your sewing machine is good running condition, well-oiled, and the tread tension on the correct setting.  Change your needle after each baby quilt project.  Have your machine serviced annually.  Unfortunately, there are many UFOs (Un Finished Projects) sitting out in sewing rooms due to improperly cared for equipment.

Now I have this beautiful pink baby quilt just sitting on my sewing machine, and calling my name.

It is time to sew on my newest baby quilt!

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