The Baby is Coming

 I’m 59 and this Grandmother is excited to see her Grandson this weekend.  He’s 4 months old and I’ve not held him in my arm since he was born.  Whether it has been months, weeks or just hours ago, every Grandmother excitedly awaits the arrival of her grandchild.

Handmade baby quilt, blue quilt-be on Mother’s Day

In preparation for our grandson’s arrival, the garage got cleaned.  This was not by accident. The crib that was used by my four children has been stored on hooks on the back wall.  In the process of getting the crib out, I have a clean garage as well as the crib out and now readied for the baby. 

A trip to the local baby store secured the needed mattress, sheets and pads needed to create a comfortable night and nap space for my grandson.  For the finishing touch, a handmade baby quilt that I have been saving for his trip to Grandma’s house. 

The baby crib is ready, complete with the beautiful, handmade baby quilt.  Now this anxious Grandma is counting down the days and hours for her little grandson to arrive.

Drive carefully, Daddy and Mommy, the baby is coming to see Grandma.

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