Choosing A Name for A Baby Quilt

The fabrics are just right, the colors for the baby quilt are the ones blend perfectly, all seams and points are matching, and you have the last stitches on the border in place.  It is time to name the quilt.

Choosing a name for your baby quilt is SEW important.  The name gives life and soul to your handiwork.   The baby quilt will become a gift of a lifetime to the new owner, a personal joy that needs to become “real.”

Names for Baby Quilts

Names for Baby Quilts

Look not only at the color patterns and designs of the baby quilt as you list ideas for your name, but consider the overall appearance.  Look at the baby quilt in a setting and how and what it adds to a room or décor.  This may add ideas to your list of names.

Show your baby quilt to other people and ask them to give you a name.  Many times, ideas or words that will be stated by another person will spark a baby quilt name that you might never have considered or one that could be modified or changed to just the perfect one.

Always make a list of names for your baby quilt prior to choosing.   Narrow down your choices over a period of time.  Look at the baby quilt in both daylight and in evening, using a lamp as you review the list.

“Once Upon A Time” a name will appear on your list of baby quilt names.

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