Fancy Quilt Binding

You have mastered the art of straight and bias quilt binding.

Is there more than just a straight edge to your finished baby quilt?

fancy quilt binding

Choosing a fancy quilt binding involves time commitment, extra fabric, and some advanced planning to make sure the binding fits the baby quilt.

Scalloped edges are sewn to the quilt top when the shape of the top is pre drawn or precut in curves.  The quilt binding is sewn to the front of the quilt either by machine or by hand and wrapped around the back and sewn in place.  Usually invisible thread is used.  The deep curves are trickier than the shallow ones.  When making your own binding, purchase extra fabric.

Prairie point quilt binding is made when folded triangles are added to the edge of the baby quilt after it is quilted.   The labor-saving continuous prairie point binding technique uses long fabric strips instead of individual squares to make the triangles.  The type of quilt binding is less durable but is used for decorative purposes and requires planning to make sure the points fits the outer border of the baby quilt.  This type of binding is labor intensive but if the continuous prairie point binding technique is used, this will reduce the time spent.

There is no wrong choice for a quilt binding for your baby quilt.

Enjoy experimenting with a fancy new type of quilt binding.

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