She Who Dies With the Most Fabric… Wins!

“She who dies with the most fabric… wins!” so that they can sew more handmade baby quilts.

To be a quilter you have to be in love with fabric.   You drive down the road and your car just knows that there is a fabric store in the area.   The car stops on a dime just in front of the door and leads you to the fabrics for your next handmade baby quilts or other project that you might just be dreaming of starting.

Recently, a fellow quilter and I took a 3,600 road trip.  While passing along I 75 in Florida, there it was, a huge billboard advertising a quilt shop.  Turn right and look for the purple building was all the sign said.  My car just happened to need car at that very exist and off we went.  Once we filled up on the gas, the car found that purple building.  “Fabric Art Shop” off of Exit 427.  I just needed to make new handmade baby quilts with that fabric, I could just tell from the sign.

Since making handmade baby quilts is my passion, this shop had just about everything from specialty threads, quilting supplies, books, notions and fabrics of every hue.  What caught my eye was she had almost as many bolts of fabrics (3700) as the number of miles we drove on our trip!!

After leaving with some fat quarters in shades of pink for about 2 handmade baby quilts and one border section, we headed north bound for yet another quilt shop adventure.

A quilter can never have too much fabric!  Watch for those quilt shop signs!!

Time to quilt on the next handmade baby quilts.

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