Blessed Are the Quilters for They Are the “Piece” Makers

piece makers

“Blessed are the Quilters for they are the piece makers” that can be used in the handmade baby quilts.

Quilters sure can make a lot of small pieces from their handmade baby quilts very quickly.  It seems like we enjoy going to our favorite quilt shops, buying the most gorgeous yards of fabrics for their handmade baby quilts. We take such delight in cutting it up into such small squares and triangles etc.

Not to mention all of the little parts that we don’t use in our handmade baby quilts.  Now those are the little cuts that are at the end of the 2” x 42” slice that  just doesn’t make that block in our handmade baby quilts.  You can only have so many bridges to help you when daisy chain sewing or holding that extra needle so you can locate it among the straight pins.  A creative use might be to hold the coffee cup when the coaster decides to hide under a pile of fabric.

 Even a long thin colorful piece of fabric can double as a book mark in a pinch, if and when you find the time to read after the handmade baby quilts are finished.

Throwing those little pieces away is just not an option for us piece makers.  Anyone have any other great ideas?

While I wait, I am ready to spend some time sewing on the newest of my handmade baby quilts.

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